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behind on my reading anyway...

2014-08-01 - 8:33 p.m.

The cute celeb is back and tired of being the cute celeb. The latest in his campaign to be taken seriously is facial hair. He makes a hilarious hipster if you ask me...too sweet and sincere. The rumor that he would have a livestream of his return was just that, a rumor.

There is, in fact, a livestream of AM's performance going on even as I type but it's another shitty Red Bull livestream that keeps locking up. Do the DJs actually pour Red Bull over the equipment or something before they do a livestream? It keeps locking up, then going backward and repeating, and it's really unwatchable. Maybe somebody who gets better reception will make a YouTube...

This chick wins tumblr: "live marks for not tryin." Or maybe you prefer "the stream is fuckin wank and I'm not having a nice time..."

Everyone is saying the stream worked fine all day and was crashed by the huge numbers of AM fans. Well, I think they should have figured out the band was popular? Hello?

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