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sure, you can call the blue jays, so can i, so can anyone...but do they call back?

2013-02-01 - 7:40 a.m.


swallow-tail kite
all photos this page 2013 by elaine radford
i have great copies of photos of the first nest record in argentina for the swallow-tailed kite, however, a paper will be forthcoming and the photos belong to the two "big guns" who took them so...if you know me and want to see better photos, just ask, because i'm not posting the other guys' photos online and possibly harming their copyright.

Peachfront's note: Haven't read my cool northern Argentina hawk-chasing trip report yet? What the heck are you waiting for? To start at the beginning, click the link I just highlighted and keep following "next" to get a day by day story.

I am proud to report that I have ground my first round of coffee beans and that, this morning, I am sipping my first cup of certified "bird friendly" coffee. Supposedly, for each household that does this, an area of habitat sufficient to hold 40 wintering warblers will be preserved.

During my trip, of course, I was constantly looking at and learning about hawks and other birds in the field, but back home I am trying to review a bird identification tip every weekday with my morning coffee. This week was black-hooded gull week -- no more hand-waving and saying, "They're all Laughing Gulls," unless I have an expert along to find the oddball. Next week may be Tringa week, so pray for me!

There are still photos unfound and stories untold, but I feel I've gotten reasonably caught up on things. I've spent a couple of hours, three times this week, getting a personal training circuit designed for me by D. who may find his initial changed to C. ("Coach") since everybody has D. for an initial. If I end up looking disgustingly fit and in shape, you will know who to blame.

A guy rear-ended me late afternoon on Wednesday, so I'm still a little shaken up. I'm OK, so no more about that.

Sad note: My yard is frequently visited by winter flocks of adult male (occasionally a few younger male) Red-winged Blackbirds, but I noticed a few days ago that a single adult female was hanging around the feeder. She limped but could fly and would not allow me to pick her up to provide her with warmth, so I let her use the feeder and take cover in the brambles as she obviously wished to do. Unfortunately, on Wednesday night, we had a cold snap (possibly a light freeze), and I found her dead on Thursday morning. She rests now in the pet cemetary, even though she was a wild bird. I couldn't throw away this brave spirit like so much trash.

Nyota lost none of her tameness while I was in Argentina, although DH says he didn't have the opportunity to handle her as much as he would have liked. I don't allow physical contact because of the size difference and the occasional moodiness possible with ANY Amazon parrot, but the obvious affection between Cookie and Nyota is touching to see. Yes, Cookie has always made it clear that he adores this little sprite, but a couple of times recently I've noticed Nyota regurgitating food back at him. Hmmm.

Funny thought: Wouldn't it be hilarious if, all this time, Cookie was the female and Nyota the male?

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