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guest entry: the death of venice

2005-10-15 - 10:01 a.m.

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Image hosted by

Peachfront's Note: I read a letter to the Times-Picayune yesterday that crushed my heart, about a woman from Plaquemines Parish who is now displaced to Alaska (!) and who thinks that "no one" cares about Plaquemines and that the utter destruction of their communities has been forgotten. The media does seem to be leaving untold the story of the devastation that has wiped away such towns as Empire, Buras (where P. lived), and Venice. I also wonder about the wider devastation to the Vietnamese people who have seen their communities washed away from Biloxi to New Orleans East, in addition to the destruction at Empire. A man who had to visit the area for business purposes has kindly agreed to share these photos that speak more powerfully than words about the crushing of a way of life. I take the blame for the captions.

Image hosted by

storm-tossed boats

Image hosted by

a neighborhood near fort jackson

Image hosted by

how the floodwalls may have failed -- from underneath

Image hosted by

another view of the levee with the swept-away cars stacked up against it
Image hosted by
one of the most powerful images from the movie glen and randa is of the ancient tree that has grown and lifted an old automobile into the air, that movie was about nuclear apocalypse, what the bomb takes decades to do, katrina did in a day
Image hosted by
even jesus said, my god, my god, why has thou forsaken me? and if you ever wondered why, just look at this church, not just the roof torn off by wind, but the entire building flung off its foundation like a toy

Image hosted by

once a home, now a driveway to nowhere, not just a home destroyed but a neighborhood

Image hosted by

one house washed into a traffic lane, the other blown into the neutral ground!

Image hosted by

the ruination of this neighborhood is similar to what the owner of DH's company described about his house in waveland, it was so destroyed he could not even locate a piece of debris that might once have been his

Hummingbird Report: Still got at least one using the feeders out there. I think it's an immature male but the binoculars are out of reach this morning for some reason.

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