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2012 resolutions scorecard

2012-12-09 - 6:59 a.m.

I decided to do the 2012 Resolution Round-up a little early this year, in order to get the jump on 2013. Considering that I will depart for Argentina early in 2013, I need to get on top of my thoughts now. So here's the scorecard from this year's efforts.

  1. Exercise 6 days a week for 45 minutes per day. Done. Fine. In fact, most days, I walked or performed another low impact aerobic activity for an hour. It's a habit. I'm not a person who can do the couch potato all day without getting twitchy.

  2. Learn to write in the Kindle format, so that I can reprint my previously published short stories as a collection. Maybe I can also reprint some of my nonfiction to which I still hold the reprint rights. I did learn how to convert to the Kindle format, and I published a full-length book containing 28 of my nonfiction articles, in addition to two shorter items. I know how to reprint my short stories. I just haven't yet decided if I want to.

  3. Either find a mirror site for my diaries or start to Kindle-ize my journals so I'll have a back-up. I have mirrored my site on Nearly Free Speech so I can count this one as "done," but the site is both too expensive and a hassle to update, so I'm still pondering other solutions.

  4. A key skill I need: Learn to drill a hole in rocks. I have drilled holes in stones, and I have produced several use-able pieces. My favorite, which I wear often, is the Montana blue agate that I wear on a leather thong. However, I still damage a lot of drill bits, and it turns out to be something I probably won't want to do very often.

  5. Spend a minimum of 50 hours using a Dremel or flexshaft tool. I spent five hours. Pitiful. But I became increasingly unsure that this is the direction where I want to put my efforts.

  6. Complete three more stone mosaic projects, with at least one project to involve some more advanced techniques such as a soldering a stained agate lampshade or box. I completed three projects, the candle holder, the frame for my Milky Eagle-Owl photograph, and my small table top. I've also just finished the glueing for a large decorative bowl and, God willing and the creek don't rise, this project will be finished by the end of the week. The techniques I used were not particularly difficult though.

  7. Sell or swap 400 pounds of stuff I have too much of. Use the money and supplies generated to improve my stone-cutting art. I achieved this goal by early September, with a mix of selling online through a variety of sites, swapping items on RTH, and making donations. I counted donated items at only half weight or sometimes didn't count them at all, since they were not bringing in money or supplies in return, just freeing up space. Once I hit 448 pounds of stuff gone, I just stopped weighing it, but I feel like I did well here, even though my profit was not terribly huge.

  8. Every month, take an action to increase our future financial security. I spent a great deal of time hitting these goalposts, and I'm pleased with my progress, which I plan to discuss at greater length in a future post.

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