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it was probably only 95 degrees yesterday, and it will be the same today

2014-07-03 - 8:45 a.m.

For some reason -- well, probably because they're supposed to draw you out so you won't focus on the "discomfort" -- I got to yakking away about the Madagascar Serpent-Eagle and Madagascar while I was getting a laser treatment yesterday. Result: Last night I had an awful nightmare about being trapped in a westernized three-story mall in Madagascar when it was taken over by guys with machine guns. I somehow got out through the bottom and caught a train down below the building with some other lucky escapees.

Awake, it's pretty easy to see that the dream was about as far away from anything I saw in Madagascar as you can imagine. It was no doubt inspired by events in Kenya with some interchangeable three-story mall like the one in Phoenix or the one in J'burg where I spent a fair amount of time. Oh, and the train area under the mall was a bit like the one under the hotel where we stayed in Montreal. So it's all a mishmash. A mishmash with machine guns...

The A/C dude came over late yesterday afternoon and added some freon to the A/C. The slow leak is, OF COURSE, on the part of the A/C which is already out of warranty. It was replaced after Katrina, and being like everything else on a low-bid "what will the insurer pay for" basis, it didn't have such a great warranty. He had to phone it in to find out, since the insurer actually had the paperwork. They said five years, and I have no reason to doubt them. In any case it's working now, and he said that these slow leaks can go on for years before they demand attention.

We're waiting for the quote but to be honest I imagine we'll probably go ahead and have the unit replaced, since I'm still bringing in some extra money from my writing job.

My giggle of the week: The cute celeb isn't usually the sarcastic one, but I guess he had enough of people asking him if he and his BFF were ever going to make another record or if they were just going to continue to party in matching leather drag. (OK, I figure the reporters are too polite to mention the matching leather drag to his face but...) Anyway he said that they were writing a screenplay. He's actually said it before, but previously everyone knew it was a joke. Now it's July and a slow news week so even The Guardian has reprinted the story. Ha. Of course he embellished on it a lot since the previous telling a few months back. Now it's to be an action flick set in the 60s with our heroes making little cameos, no doubt as stylish leather-clad villains, although that part of the story wasn't spelled out. Of course it would be an action flick. The illiterate man paired with the aphasic man could hardly be expected to write any dialogue.

All jokes aside, maybe they are finally getting off their duffs to make another record. Time will tell. I guess they kinda, sorta want people to gossip, or they wouldn't wear the leather costumes to Wimbledon? Unless it's considerably colder in July in England than most of us ever imagined...

I just now had to haul my AA credit card out of the safe and get it destroyed. Sigh. Just the kind of message you don't need to get when you haven't even finished your first cup of coffee.

Evidently someone somehow got the number and charged $3,400 of something to it. "What's it even for? What is that business?" I asked, in hopes of trying to find out where they could have gotten hold of my number. It isn't like I use credit cards in restaurants any more, which is the usual place. Well, doctors' offices are known for the poor security, but I've been using a different card there so...? It's just a mystery. Even the clerk at Citi couldn't figure out what in heck the charge was for.

In the News: Is it OK if I say that I don't think the "hot convict" is in fact hot? Hello? And he's got a facial tattoo? Who gave that guy a modeling contract? Ugh! Sorry for the no-doubt offensive rant but the whole bulked-up tattooed prison chic thing is a real turn-off to me. I'll stick with the old school anorexics for my pin-ups, and if it makes me shallow, which it probably does, ask me if I give a flying.

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