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bayou sauvage, white kitchen, blindingly orange baltimore orioles

2003-04-27 - 4:07 p.m.

yellow-crowned night heron at Bayou Sauvage
photo © 2003 Roger Williams, all rights reserved
BF and I crawled out of bed at 5:45 A.M. and did a circuit of Irish Bayou, Bayou Sauvage, back to White Kitchen, and a short stop at the boardwalk trail to the Nature Center. It was sunny and not too hot, with birds seemingly singing from every tree. An expert in birdsong identification would have had a field day.

Notables: A Painted Bunting male in full adult plumage posed next to a Downy Woodpecker to give us a better idea of the size of this brightly glowing jewel. Two Baltimore Oriole adult males paused in a bare, sunlit tree to give us an eyeful. We discovered a good-sized heronry leaving the Bayou Sauvage area to head to White Kitchen, with mostly white Egret families but a few Little Blue Herons as well. At White Kitchen, I observed an adult male Blackburnian Warbler whose "flaming orange" throat could have passed for red as far as I was concerned.

cypress knees in marsh at Bayou Sauvage
photo © 2003 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved
Here's the list:

  1. Double-Crested Cormorant
  2. Anhinga
  3. Great Egret
  4. Snowy Egret
  5. Little Blue Heron -- white and blue phases
  6. Tricolored Heron
  7. Cattle Egret
  8. Green Heron
  9. Black-Crowned Night Heron
  10. Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
  11. White Ibis
  12. Wood Duck -- a beautiful male
  13. Mottled Duck
  14. Blue-Winged Teal
  15. Black Vulture
  16. Red-Shouldered Hawk
  17. Red-Tailed Hawk
  18. Common Moorhen
  19. Killdeer
  20. Laughing Gull
  21. Forster's Tern
  22. Mourning Dove
  23. Great Horned Owl, heard only
  24. Barred Owl, heard only
  25. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird -- fighting females
  26. Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  27. Downy Woodpecker
  28. Yellow-Throated Vireo, heard only
  29. Blue Jay
  30. American Crow -- if any Fish Crows were present, they didn't say anything, whereas the Americans were fussing most of the time at Bayou Sauvage
  31. Northern Rough-Winged Swallow
  32. Carolina Chickadee
  33. Gray Catbird -- several present
  34. Northern Mockingbird
  35. European Starling
  36. BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER, adult male, beautiful
  37. Pine Warbler
  38. Northern Cardinal
  39. Painted Bunting, adult male
  40. Red-Winged Blackbird
  41. Common Grackle -- a female Northern Cardinal physically attacked a male Common Grackle at White Kitchen, practically leaping on his back in her fury
  42. Boat-Tailed Grackle
  43. Baltimore Oriole -- two striking, posing adult males
Some random images from the day:

Carnivorous pitcher plants at an undisclosed location in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana:

carnivorous pitcher plants in St. Tammany Parish
photo © 2003 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved

White waterlilies were in full bloom as far as the eye could see at the White Kitchen site, although the Bald Eagles have finished nesting and seemed to be gone for the year:

wild white waterlily at White Kitchen
photo © 2003 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved
The huge oak that collapsed at the Nature Center has been successfully moved off the boardwalk:

oak that fell in severe storm on Tuesday Apr. 8, 2003
photo © 2003 by Elaine Radford, all rights reserved

We did all that and still had time to sneak in a lunch at Maccaroni's before the church crowd hit.

Back home, I've added Carolina Wren to the day's tally of birds. The Carolina Chickadee family has been feeding outside my window, with some of the birds looking into the nestbox. I still have hopes that they will nest again. Earlier, a Mockingbird chased a Chickadee off the suet feeder, but the Chickadee didn't go far and didn't seem all that impressed by the Mockingbird's display of testosterone.

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