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beady eye may be gone but nyota's beady little eyes of skepticism will live forever

2014-10-25 - 9:51 a.m.

I found out why I didn't get my sticker to renew my driver's license. The DMV sold the driver's license bureau to a private company so that they could 1) double the price and 2) I guess force you to come in to pay double the price for something that used to be mailed to your door.

On the positive side, I asked the clerk to check my eyes without glasses and the test proved that my LAZIK has officially held up so well for over 15 years that I am still legal to drive without glasses.

Although I already had some expensive glare-reducing progressive driving glasses made when I was still working this summer, so I was prepared either way...

Went out to vote for Mary in the early voting. Why pretend I'm going to listen to both sides. There is only one side that isn't trying to sell off the entire state to private interests. The sad thing, most of the offices are just rubber-stamping whatever criminal Republican they've appointed to be the face of bribe-taking for Saint Tammany Parish. Entire pages of just Republicans running against other Republicans. So I just voted for the Senate, some Democratic contender for Congress who can't win because of gerrymandering, and then just refused to check any more boxes. It worked OK. I don't know why it takes 30 years to get some of these criminals out of office and then they just stick up new criminals. You can't really have democracy if you have great financial inequality. But one must try to do one's tiny bit, I suppose.

A little yellow private plane flew over the yard this morning. Not a mosquito control plane nor, I think, a looking for drugs plane. A one-person hobby plane from the look of it. Also it didn't go back and forth the way mosquito control and LEOs usually do. Plus when the neighbors with the pit bull were here and they kept flying over the yard, it was always a I think some rich doctor or criminal politico's plane or somesuch.

Another in series of beautiful days to sit out on the bird porch with the birdies...

OK, that's cool, I guess. Really I have just one question: Were fisticuffs involved?

Although for my money the best tweet of the week is when Julian retracted his statement about white people having brunch:

I guess the outcry from the mimosa drinking crowd grew a little too loud in the land...

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