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2007-03-29 - 9:06 a.m.

OK, here's the big clueless blooper of the year. Today I finally says to myself, says I, that there is really something strange going on in Dale and Sheldon's cage. I peeped into the nestbox and found out what. It is no longer Dale and Sheldon's cage. Somehow, I've switched Ronnie with Dale. And now she's got three eggs, with proud papa Sheldon guarding attentively at the cage door.

No wonder Courtney has been stomping around so bitterly lately. That's Dale by his side. I guess Courtney is getting old. He's been relying more on the passive-aggressive staring and glaring instead of the loud squawks of protest that he indulged in back in the day.

Return to part 2 of the Peachfront Conure Files.

A beautiful spring day. The pecan tree leafed out yesterday, so I trust that the neighbors will not have cause to worry that it's dead this year. The orange lilies have put up a few inches of stalk, so I fully expect to get my Halloween lilies around May 1 again this year.

Which reminds me -- I forgot to mention that when I came home from London, I had a huge blood-red triple flower in the back yard where I planted some of the bulbs from J's house in Folsom. I don't know the names of all of the bulbs, but it was most impressive. I should have photographed it. Wasn't it baby-pink last year? Or maybe the baby-pink guy hasn't emerged just yet.

Spiderworts blooming everywhere, even in the grass.

Hummingbird Report: Even though I don't leave the curtains open any more, when I peeped out yesterday evening, I did spot a nice female RTHU using the feeder.

On a dark note, I just read a diary entry from a man who stopped taking his medications and now reports that he's being harassed by demons. I dunno, guy, I think it's a pretty easy call that if all you have to do is take a pill to make the demons go away, you've got to go for it. I don't see where all the prayers and "in the name of Jesus" did much for Andrea Yates.

I didn't link to it, because I don't really think it's fair to crap all over other people's diaries and experiences, but anyone who is really curious can probably figure out who it is. He does the banner ad thingy pretty often. Anyway, practically the minute I posted this, I remembered that Yates was on medication, so nothing is foolproof. What do you do when there's nothing to be done?


I just saw where they unveiled the big plan to re-develop the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East area around the former Plaza. Oh, there's a plan, all right. Let's spend good money putting people back in swamps that should have never been approved for human habitation to begin with. Re-developing New Orleans East is particularly evil, since the swamp/marsh is also required as a buffer zone to protect the city. But no one has the political will to do the right thing and tell people they don't have the right to live in a freaking swamp. It's too easy to go along to get along. Let someone else be the bad guy. And when the next storm comes along? I bet nobody who authored this plan will themselves have any aged grandparents or kids just starting out after college living in these areas. So what do they care?

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