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so bourbon ice cream is a thing?

2014-11-01 - 10:04 a.m.

For the first time ever I got a Points Break offer I could use. For the trivial number of points, we got a hotel suite away from the house and the trick or treaters. Instead we went to the new adults over 21 (serves blackberry martinis!) movie theater to see Gone Girl and later to dinner at Dakota, where we had a bottle of Malbec and the lamb nachos appetizer, with the locally made Irish cream shot along with the some kind of post-modern apple pie with bourbon ice cream. My entree, as always, was the spectacular soft-shelled crab. Roger had the flounder stuffed with all kinds of shrimp and crab and other goodies...We were stuffed.

All these goodies were in walking distance of the hotel, or maybe floating distance of the hotel by the time we'd polished off the Irish cream...

A bit tired this morning though, as DH's phone went off literally every 15 minutes last night. Not sure why. It was like Chinese water torture where you are just dozing off and then you're jerked awake again but not awake enough to actually find the phone and do something about it because you think that eventually it has to stop. Oh well. I'll have to double-check he turns it off at night in the future...

The movie was excellent, and I didn't realize how much time was passing. My only quibble is that Ben Affleck is really too old for that part but I guess they wanted a name.

Oh, and I got my The Voidz Tshirt in the mail. I was a bit worried they would deliver it after we left for the hotel since they've been delivering packages at 4 later...but they must have figured out they didn't want to be dropping off packages while kids were getting ready to wander around to knock on doors. I didn't actually see the truck go by but judging from the time stamp on the package, he dropped it off about ten minutes before we left. Perfect timing...

I didn't wear much of a costume though. Just orange fingernail polish and the sterling spider and that's it. Otherwise I was wore the long multi-colored scarf and the red leather jacket. Skinny jeans. Chelsea boots. I suppose if anyone had asked, I would have said I was a dead rock star (hence the spider) but my costume looked suspiciously like no costume at all...

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