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black plastic crocodile with zippers

2011-01-06 - 9:31 a.m.

The 12th day of Christmas. Seriously. Already? How time flies when you're having fun. I gotta take down the Christmas decorations in a few minutes. Cookie don't know what he got til it's gone.

I have downloaded a few cell phone photos from my walks during my New Year's in New Orleans.

The purple house was re-painted as a frat house for a movie. What movie? Hell if I know. There's a huge film industry in New Orleans, thanks to something about taxes that I don't know anything about. Cute house, though. And, when it's a house that size, if you can get a film director to sign off on paying to re-paint your'll deal with the color purple.

The Pitot House is a historic landmark on Bayou St. John. It's owned by the Louisiana Landmark Society so...yeah, no purple frat house paint job for them. The original construction was in 1799, so that's old, Oh! Ell! Dee! OLD! for an American house. The Mid-City area, despite nearby Bayou St. John, did not flood very badly in Katrina, and the old houses like this one -- and like IMOM's more "modern" Craftsman home -- did not flood in the living areas. They were kinda built up to let the water wash underneath them.

I did a decent amount of trim saw work on Wednesday. I'm pretty proud of myself, all the trim sawing I've been doing. I hate saws. Just hate 'em. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll never be in the same room while a wood-working saw is running, and I will leave major operations to DH. But I'm really developing a lot of confidence with the trim saw. I like having it separate from the Opal Machine, so that when I'm sawing, I focus on NOTHING except operating the saw. I never particularly liked cabbing away on a sanding wheel, knowing that a trim saw was just inches away. Yah, yah, they cut slowly, all it could ever do was accidentally nick a fingernail, but it ain't about logic, it's about I just don't like saws and I need to keep my eyes on them.

Mostly I trimmed future cabochons, but I did trim a Blue Lace/Amethyst slab to the right shape to be a nice backdrop for the Blue Lace/Amethyst cab I worked the other day.

Old soda glass isn't crying out to be worked as jewelry, but I cabbed up one quick piece of glass:

Near the old falling-down barn that housed some of the Trinity workers -- the first structure to be damaged by an atomic blast other than the rig supporting the bomb in the air itself -- I found some old purple glass glinting in the sand. There were no signs suggesting that old 1940s purple grape soda glass was the property of the federal government. So I took a couple of pieces that I'll polish into "beach glass" style jewelry.

I'm going to do a trinitite page for the online mineral museum soon, so I decided to spiff up the piece of glass while I was at it. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is a trash day, so I forced myself to spend a couple of hours doing major clean-up. To be honest, I didn't find much true crap that needed to be tossed. But I did find some items that I need to give away. Most heart-breaking is this, which happens to be one of my few size four items of clothing. 2017 Note: I haven't bothered to chase down this photo. It was a black faux crocodile mini skirt and matching zip-up vest. DH walked in home from work while I was engaging in the angsty parting ritual of saying good-bye to this loyal if probably always slightly too-tight costume. Don't you love a man who always knows the right thing to say? "Why can't you still wear it? You haven't gained weight!" he exclaims when he sees me put it in the "donation" pile.

Actually, it was always a little too tight, but you can get away with that when you're younger. Sadly, it's time to let go of this one.

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