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nyota's tiny claw of claiming makes a play for the big bird cage

2012-09-20 - 8:51 a.m.

Whooooo else has to go to Hootsuite to read their direct messages from Twiter? What the heck is that all about? I got my first DM from a peachfronted conure owner but who knows if he'll get my reply.

Nyota is so sweet. She has never bitten me. However, I can see that she intends to be the one in control of the home. She's staying on the arm or shoulder longer, but she mostly likes to ride the stick. Yesterday, I took her around to show her the rest of the house, and she flew into Cookie's indoor cage. Yes, right through the bars. Cookie was outside at the time, of course, since she's still in quarantine from the others, but I'll have to watch out for that.

I was interviewed yesterday for a well-known travel blog, and the interviewer told me that some guys got over a million dollars from a well-known rebate blog. I'm thinking, well, if they did it in a legal manner, it was the blog's responsibility to stop the play before they ran up a million dollars in promotional costs to just one team.

But, apparently, there was some kind of fraud involved, so we don't have to feel bad that we overlooked the huge, hulking promotional giveaway of all time. We're playing a game, not looking to get involved in criminal capers.

The father Northern Cardinal is still feeding at least one fledgling. Is it possible that they can nest four times in a year? I'm amazed that he hasn't dropped from exhaustion, but he looks great, thanks to his visits each day to his private spa, known to some of us as the famous stone mosaic birdbath.

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