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if a collared forest falcon puts his head in an umbrella of leaves, you can't prove he's there, right? right?

2013-01-15 - 3:20 p.m.

Jan. 10, 2012

Up at oh dark thirty to seek out the Collared Forest Falcons. Young birds were crying, with one bird flying across the road and even giving us a brief look through the scope. We tracked them into the forest and eventually located great views of two crying juveniles. There was a third one crying somewhere but, as we all know with our Collared Forest Falcon friends, if they want to stay hidden. Fortunately, the two youngsters we viewed were still at the "peekaboo" stage of life, where they assume if they put their heads in a bunch of green and can't see you, then you can't see them. So it was a matter of finding them and settling in to wait, until they finally emerged to give us the full view.

Plumbeous Kite are so abundant that you could call them a nuisance underfoot. A particularly cute sighting involved a crying juvenile who called in a protective parent, giving us great looks at both adult and young plumages, and especially showing off the long, long wings that extend beyond the tail -- a feature that always cracks me up to see them perched with their wing-tips poking out beyond their short tails.

Everywhere we went on the mud road in Iguazu National Park, we found ourselves surrounded by swarms of mud puddling butterflies, including tons of beautiful swallowtail species.

Other new trip birds:

  • White Woodpecker
  • Black Tailed Tityra
  • Southern Rough- wing
  • Blue and white Swallow
  • Black and White Hawk Eagle (being mobbed by two juvenile Plumbeous Kites)
  • King Vulture
  • Southern Caracara -- in Igauzu National Park, the birds are painted with the red clay to make a very beautiful specimen indeed
  • Rufescent Tiger Heron
  • Common Gallinule
  • White-Tipped Dove
  • American Kestrel
  • Savannah Hawk

Worth noting: For lunch, we dined at the not yet open ecolodge owned by a bird photographer. He's the one who located the adorable baby Common Potoo for me to photograph. In the evening, we found the brand new road, just opened the day before, to the hotel not opened much earlier. Here I enjoyed an excellent pacú for dinner -- it's naturally flat and ready to flat all nice and crisp.


potoo baby snoozes
all photos this page � elaine radford
baby common potoo -- you can't see him, and if you did seem him, you can't prove you saw him

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