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cramped and crowded

2003-07-08 - 9:49 a.m.

BF has now netted over $1,000 in tips for The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. Still no word from the agent about his chances for conventional publication.

warning: rant coming

There is still no declaration of a federal disaster from Tropical Storm Bill. FEMA is dragging its feet, apparently because the Resident has chosen not to recognize the scope of the disaster. Normally, a disaster of this size would be recognized with no questions asked, but poor planning by the current administration, which only cares to give welfare to the rich, has resulted in FEMA being close to bankruptcy. Governor Foster requested assistance from Bush last week and has been roundly ignored. It just goes to show that there is no honor among thieves, I suppose.

It does make me wonder what happened to Homeland Security. Was it all a scam to put money in Ridge's pocket and to shut him up about what happened with United Flight 93? It is quite obvious that the funds are no longer there for federal disasters. Police and fire departments all over the country are complaining. Yet there is not even the basic funding for tropical storms and hurricanes, which occur every year somewhere in the land?

According to the Times-Picayune website, "Congress appropriated $800 million for the [Disaster Emergency] fund for fiscal year 2003, compared to past annual appropriations of $3 billion." Now the fund is almost out of money, and hurricane season has just begun. This is just a damned disgrace. Have they no shame at all? To steal from disaster victims and to give valuable contracts to WorldCom and is too bad that there is no truth in the old stories about karma and Judgment Day, because these are truly evil men by any meaning of the word.

We're just fortunate that we wouldn't be in a position to need an emergency loan, since our deductible is only $500 and a tree fall is one of those things that homeowners insurance covers without argument, unlike some kinds of water damage. But I hate to think of other victims who might be impacted by this foot-dragging. It isn't like anyone is asking for a hand-out. These loans from FEMA are just that -- loans. They are not gifts. They are a way for individuals and businesses to put themselves back together instead of being instantly bankrupted.

I feel cramped and miserable. Part of it is having so much of the furniture piled up in the few remaining usable rooms. The other part is not being able to see out of a window as I work. Well, I can see a little edge of the driveway, but that is hardly the same as my old desk spot overlooking my hummingbird garden. My office is completely closed off from the house, since it had some of the worst damage.


I remembered that I forgot to change the hummingbird nectar yesterday, so I went out and changed the one remaining feeder. The Mockingbird fledglings are still raising cane and begging for food at every opportunity. There is a Brown Thrasher fledgling out there who actually seems emotionally prepared to find food on his own, although he doesn't look a day older than the Mockingbirds. And, irony of ironies, the chrysalis in the asparagus patch that I've been watching somehow managed to escape being crushed like everything else in the garden. In fact, the butterfly has now emerged, leaving only a paperthin shell behind.

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