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when it comes to finding a cute as a button crowned solitary eagle, our team is the best!

2013-01-17 - 3:41 p.m.

adult males would have a white throat, so here we have an adult female white tailed hawk

Jan. 12, 2013

An awful night in the beautiful new cabin of the ecolodge. We had arrived so late after such a long day, with a need to arise so early, that I was running on very limited sleep and I was in a fog as I tried to figure out what was happening. It sounded like something slamming or banging approximately once every two or three minutes between the hours of 1:15 and 6:15 AM. At the time, I was a bit concerned that it was somehow the wood creaking in the cabin, which would be a very difficult problem for them to fix. However, on arising, I was quickly distracted by the beauty of the grounds, where I reacquainted myself with old friends like the beautiful Green-Barred Woodpecker which was foraging, Northern Flicker-like, in pairs on the ground. New friends, like the Chaco Chacalaca, were also happy to introduce themselves.

Today was the first day of two or three days set aside to seek out the Crowned Solitary Eagle. We located a fine three year old plumaged specimen just in time to set out our picnic lunch. This cooperative bird was perched for quite awhile, allowing us to enjoy the highly entertaining crest, with its rather wispy and elongated front feathers, with shorter cresty action in back. After lunch, the bird flew, allowing D. to grab some exciting flight photographs. I was so excited that I didn't think of trying to digiscope the eagle during the long period when it was perched, so I hope I will be able to persuade him to edit and share one of these fine photos in my lifetime. Stay tuned.

Needless to say, this rare and endangered eagle was by far the highlight of the day, but we spent a lot of time in the wetland areas, and we had many other interesting species. Some other high points:

  • Have I mentioned our luck in spotting dark morph White- Tailed Hawks yet? I think we set a record!
  • "wintering" Swainson's Hawks were easily found, including a large flock that was following a tractor
  • a friendly field that held multiple White-tailed Hawks kiting and hunting
  • a field of pink holding Roseate Spoonbills and our first Chilean Flamingoes

Some (other) new trip birds, with the caveat that (as always) I will try to err on the side of including a bird twice rather than forgetting to ever mention it at all:

  • Rufous Cachalote
  • Baywing Cowbirds
  • American Striped Cuckoo
  • Green Barred Woodpecker
  • Grey Fronted Dove
  • Chaco Chacalaca
  • Burrowing Owl--gotta love a Burrowing Owl who sings to warn of a long lens photographer, causing two more cute little Owls to pop up
  • Swainson's Hawk
  • Snowy Egret
  • Bare Faced Ibis
  • Crowned Solitary Eagle
  • Picui Dove
  • White-Browed Blackbird
  • Greater Rhea
  • White-Faced Ibis
  • White-cheeked Pintails
  • Brazilian Teal
  • Black Crowned Monjita
  • South American Stilt
  • Chilean Flamingo

The food and wine at the ecolodge were spectacular. Perhaps I thought so because their citrus pork recipe was a lot like mine at its best. Oh, and when we returned from the field, they had upgraded me to what was either the honeymoon suite or the owner's personal suite. Wowsers. I felt a little guilty about complaining, but the noise problem was simply beyond my ability to deal. My laundry was also crisp and clean. Nice.

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