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we have a winner on this dairy-free wine and cheese basket

2003-09-23 - 2:52 p.m.

A woman called from a local real estate office and said that I had won the drawing from the expo for a wine and cheese basket. Whee! When I went over to pick it up, at first they couldn't find it, but before I had a chance to practice my new British vocabulary phrase and mutter darkly, "This really fucks Gilligan," they did find it, and I carried it off in triumph, although I suppose I could have always practiced my new phrase by observing that, "This wine and cheese basket really fucks Gilligan. What's wrong with this picture? This wine and cheese basket contains no freakin' cheese!" But of course I was too thrilled to complain about its limitations.

For someone who has won so often in her life, I certainly get a thrill out of it. I always feel like I can't win unless some tiny element of skill is involved somewhere to slant the odds. In this case, I made sure to crumple all of my entries, which in theory makes them easier to grab.

I saw six brown White Ibis in front of Barnes and Noble on Highway 190 today.

I made my dentist appointment for the dentist in Tijuana by email, since my Spanish is so poor and, judging from the reaction I got in Panama, my English isn't much easier for most people to understand. My accent is a weird mishmash, since people can pick out different parts of it, depending on where they're from. Once a woman actually stopped me in a store and asked if I was from Charlottesville. In a casino a man asked me if I was from Clearwater; obviously, I got that part from my mother.

One of the postal workers revealed that her neighbor's house was still tarped from Tropical Storm Bill, as she can't find anyone to fix it. I asked the name of her insurance company, since I bet the real problem is that they won't authorize enough of a settlement to cover the cost. The name she gave was, as I suspected, not in the first tier of sound companies, at least not in my snotty opinion.

Hummingbird Report: Still a very active wave of female/immature RTs moving through -- mostly if not all adult females that I've checked.

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