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eagles make it look so easy

2011-03-13 - 11:21 a.m.

I haven't done Freeuse/Freecycle in quite awhile. Years, I think. I've given stuff away, but I've been using the new Goodwill store near our house for the small random stuff and Craigslist or a sign taped to whatever (like a bike, a macaw cage) for the big stuff. I went there on Friday to post a notice that I'm seeking rock tumblers, and I noticed that another member was giving away a big bag of clothes and randoms. I asked if she still had 'em, and voila, they were mine.

The street doesn't exist on Mapquest, and I found out why when I followed her (very clear, perhaps painfully clear) directions. There is a very large tree growing in the middle of the street. Huh. The street is just kind of paved around it. Well, that's different.

Lots of goodies. I'm still cleaning, sorting, and trying on. There's an old-fashioned snow-globe music box, the match to D's. There's a cat scratch toy, which his cat needs. There were a bunch of small tupperware or maybe they were rubbermaid type freezer containers, which I can always use. There are a great number of various items of clothing in a great variety of sizes. I've found a lot of stuff I can wear, especially on my trips, where I can leave them behind instead of carting dirty laundry around the world. I found a couple of cute peasant skirts, that I have already altered by taking in the waist. Half a dozen or more St. Tammany Parish public works T-shirts, from which I conclude that she used to work for the parish. A great many other tops. Some of them are just practical things like random black short-sleeved T shirts. But a few of them are really nice. Four pajama bottoms. Some of the stuff is too big for me, and I've bagged those items separately to drop off at Goodwill. Whew. It's kind of a big job.

On the way back, I stopped at FSP for the eagle check. I saw a distant young eagle sitting brooding and bitter, hunched, with its back to me anyway, in the direction of the nest. I poked around looking to see if there were other young -- there's probably at least one other -- and then, suddenly, I looked up and saw the two adults circling together not too high or too energetically overhead, their white heads and white tails gleaming in the sunlight. They came and put on a nice show for me, and then gradually headed away again. Impressive.

DH had an old Harbor Freight vibratory tumbler that he picked up for $5 or something like that. He put it together with some glue and sticky tape, ha ha, and now we are giving it a test run. I didn't really have enough pre-shaped material yet, so I put in some marbles from the Dollar Tree. It's more a test of the motor than anything else. We're not running it at night. It's too loud. Once it's air-conditioning season, and the neighbors can't hear it, maybe we'll go for that.

Yeah, and DH questioned me a little about carting home the freebie bags, since we're supposed to be clearing stuff out, to make room for the workshop, but it'll be OK. I guess I got stalled out only halfway through the bedroom closet clearing, but there's already enough room for the new stuff so no worries. I plan to finish sorting today, so the stuff that I can't use can be on its way Monday.

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