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this is pretty much a fluffy gossipy post, go read something else

2014-04-03 - 10:38 a.m.

We have some health concerns I see no point in talking about so if my diary seems a little air-headed, so be it.

I got a writing assignment that included the word whimsical. So that's fun although whimsy always takes a bit longer to create, doesn't it?

Ronnie's still chasing the baby dream but one of the eggs cracked. I left them to give the pair something to fuss over, rather than remove them right away and potentially stimulate a second attempt.

A few days ago Amazon promoted a podcast with Bret Easton Ellis and Stephen Malkmus. I love Ellis to pieces and have all his books. But I got really frustrated by this podcast and tweeted something along the lines of, "Bret has now been speaking for 10 solid minutes without taking a breath." I felt bad about it later. But who's going to open a podcast about Stephen Malkmus who needs an explanation of what the 90s were?

And I think the final count was actually 12 solid minutes before Malkmus uttered a peep.

I'm sure Ellis shouldn't do anything different. I just have no attention span for long videos, podcasts, or never-ending sudsy TV series. I like long and complicated novels -- and a few movies -- but otherwise I like short stories and music videos. And I would prefer a text transcript of an interview almost every time, unless the entire purpose is to chuckle at the interviewee's in/ability to communicate in his native language.

People are offended that Canada's beloved crackhead Rob Ford is allowed into the US, but England's beloved cokehead Nigella Lawson just got turned back at the airport. If you're from Canada, you know the score, and I suspect Rob Ford paid the $300 or whatever for the special visa for drunks and drug addicts. Lawson should do the same. I'm sure she can afford it.

Rant Warning: Read at your own risk. Just saw this MSN headline: Will the busy Brad and Angie ever find time to get married? Are they fucking kidding me? Run for your life, honey. They blame his busy movie schedule but what about her busy schedule of getting healthy body parts cut off? When I think of all women went through in the 70s to stop doctors from profiting from unnecessary removal of female body parts, I just don't know what to say. Except that I'm done with her.

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