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great british pounds and modest too

2014-05-14 - 9:02 a.m.

Apparently Amazon or some associated publisher coughed up a bunch of accumulated British pounds for DH's book. There was a funny story about a German bank check in British pounds that arrived at the office of the fan in California (?) who did the conversion and put it on Amazon. Sounded like a story from 1972 when foreign publishers tried to go years before they finally gathered up the funds and sent out an uncashable check. It's a little weird because I get my puny royalties from Amazon UK and Amazon EU by direct deposit in dollars but no doubt there's more to the story than we understand. Not sure the fan knows the whole story either but hey! We'll take it! Anybody out there who wants to throw money at us in the currency of your choice, including Bitcoin, go knock yourself out with our enduring gratitude.

Of course normal people already know this but here's a clue for the German bank. Two words: Pay Pal.

I cleared a lot more weeds Tuesday and I have to say that I'm really impressed. I never did any real work -- or even went more than an evening -- without having to touch up my nails before. Apparently the genius of YouTube is correct, and if you use China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat over OPI Chip Skip, then your nail polish will last even if you have oily skin. I stand amazed. I couldn't even get professional polish because it would flake off the tips in hours and I wouldn't even have my own polish to touch it up with...but now...! I wish I had known this years ago. All that time I played cards, I had to wear artificial nails, which is annoying in its own right...

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