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2014-06-12 - 10:03 a.m.

I watched the iheartradio livestream of Arctic Monkeys in Los Angeles last night. Eek. First of all, it kept getting lockup and crashing, which was annoying. I hate you Yahoo Screen. You truly suck. I got a much better livestream from the fucking Netherlands when I watched Pinkpop the other day.

Worse, some dude wanted to do a so-called Q&A with Alex. He knows that Alex has a standard list of prepared answers, so he decided to get cute and make up new questions. Sometimes you are just not in the mood to watch somebody try to force the aphasic to man to hold a conversation. And it isn't less embarrassing when the aphasic man is so toasted that you keep wondering if he's going to fall down and pass out on stage. Congratulations, iHeartRadio dude, you are a douche. In your last life, you probably got off poking fun at cripples.

As long as Alex stuck to singing, he sounded great. (Even though some of his "dance" moves seemed to suggest that he was really having a problem staying on his feet.) But please God why torture this boy? The point was made years ago. The great lyricist is a troubled soul who can't speak in a simple declarative sentence. Fine. At some point hammering the irony home just becomes cruel...

The pope has said that soccer is about solidarity but I'm fairly sure he's praying for Argentina to win.

Hilarious article intro on MSN called, 10 Secret ways European women stay slim:

European women drink in moderation and they tend to drink the good stuff. Their American counterparts fall into the trap of drinking sugary and calorie-laden drinks like soda, soft drinks and processed fruit juices...

Sorry, European ladies, but I'm pretty sure that's a polite way of calling you drunkarexic.

I just saw a photo of the cute singer in an airport business class lounge, so I guess it's his turn to get photographed at the airport. He didn't look all that thrilled about it. Is this really a thing now to take people's pictures airside? I guess if they're famous, it's OK, and he wants to be famous, but I'm not sure he counted on his devoted fans following him into the lounge...


I have been informed that the photo in question was taken by a buddy. No wonder he looks annoyed. I don't like it when my friends start taking pictures of me either...

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