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report of a big bad snowy owl sitting in the middle of the road and just sitting there giving the hairy eyeball, watch out world

2014-02-11 - 8:11 p.m.

I'm a gonna cry now. I went out today and got the car checked over for a roadtrip. Tires good, brakes good, new oil, blah de blah. So I'm ready to go as soon as I pack a bag.

Thing is, I just saw this National Weather Service warning: "Avoid travel on Wednesday unless absolutely necessary." That snow owl better listen and just sit tight until Thursday...Has there ever been a more miserable winter in the south?

Post-gig depression has set in on Arctic Monkey's US website, with people grumbling that Alex had a corny line of patter or they didn't see the need for Miles Kane or The Beatles or, for that matter, anyone who has joined the fandom since 2008. Reading the gripes, I have to conclude that some people just don't know how to have a good time. One guy complained about teen girls. Teen girls are like 90 percent of the rock revival from what I can tell! Guys are into ugly tattooed rappers...

Anyway I've already listened to that concert three times in addition to the livestream, and in fact I'm listening to it right now as I type, so it's obvious I like it. Yes, there are a few awkward spots I didn't notice the first time when Alex tried to talk but oh well. I've been at concerts where Bob Dylan literally TURNED HIS BACK on the audience, and it didn't spoil the show. If you're a fan of the music, you can accommodate a few personal quirks.

Maybe one day Turner will give up on talking and simply turn his back on the stage as an alternative to random stammering, but I don't think he's ready for that move just yet. He already gets accused of being Elvis, even though he can't dance other than ironically. He probably isn't ready for the Miles Davis jokes.

Yah, it's a little strange that a shy person would become a musician but what if it's the only thing you can do? Then you have no choice but to get on stage and hope for the best. One can't help but think of Kurt Cobain, who truly couldn't endure only being good at something that put him in the public eye. But fortunately Dylan and Turner are more adaptable.

Speaking of Bob Dylan, I haven't yet heard back from any bird guides for that free Friday in Hibbing. Maybe that day I'll end up with a cab driver taking me around to Bob Dylan's old stomping grounds. That isn't normally the kind of tourism I do so it would be pretty silly.

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