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flashback: harrah's new orleans/windsor court hotel review

2004-05-16 - 10:38 a.m.

harrah's new orleans from windsor court suite
all photos © 2001 by Roger Williams, all rights reserved

Note: Because angelfire has chosen to make its site un-usable through abusive use of pop-ups, I am slowly moving my Rockin' High Roller website to diaryland. Here are excerpts from a review of Harrah's/Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans dated early 2001:

As of this writing in February 2001, Harrah's in New Orleans has declared bankruptcy and is whining that they are going to shut down at the end of March because they can't pay their taxes. Of course they knew exactly what their taxes were going to be before they ever opened their doors, and they bid for the contract on the basis of those taxes, but what of that? Apparently paying taxes is just for the little people....

In the interests of research, I bestirred myself from my cozy home not too terribly far away to sample a comp to a very nice suite at the historic Windsor Court, which just happens to be conveniently located next door to the casino. Here is the beautifully decorated living room:

living room at windsor court

Here's the bedroom:

bedroom in windsor court suite

Here's the pop-up TV in the bedroom:

pop-up television set, whee, we're easily amused

There was a gift basket deceptively left out on the counter of the kitchenette, with tacky little price tags on everything in it. How tasteless. Probably Harrah's would have paid for it if we'd emptied the refrigerator, since they paid our parking bill, but we didn't experiment. We were too stuffed from the comped meals we enjoyed at Bella Luna and Brennan's.

We had a great time and are proud of our small part in driving Harrah's off the cliff, but can you expect the same level of comps -- or even an open casino -- on your next visit to New Orleans? Only time will tell!

Another Note: Harrah's New Orleans continues to operate, having gained significant concessions while under bankruptcy protection. I'll give them credit, though; despite getting permission to open their own steakhouse, they still as of this writing on May 16, 2004, offer comps to Emeril's, Delmonico's, and Morton's, among others. However, in an odd note of cheapness, they no longer comp hotel parking. VIPs, make sure to park free at the casino and roll your luggage across to the hotel. No, I'm not kidding. Try not to giggle when your host informs you of this new policy.

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