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mostly i snoozed on my exciting business elite flight to jnb

2012-01-06 - 12:26 p.m.

© 2012 by elaine radford
male blue crane dancing for female near elgin valley, south africa

Thursday, Jan, 5, 2012

MSY-ATL. Unusual amount of legroom for domestic first class. Probably a Business Class international cabin in those days before they figured out that Business Class pax want to lay down and sleep on an international flight. Pre-board Bailey's, one Bailey's and one banana from the snack basket during the flight.

Had to haul over to the E terminal to visit the Sky Club with the free showers. The lady at the desk assured me that the T terminal Sky Club is "much better" and she invited me to go over there after I took my shower. I don't know if it's "much better" but it's much closer to my gate, so I took her advice.

A glass of Chardonnay -- for some reason, they have started to charge for the Pinot Grigio, and I'm all about the free drinks -- and a lunch of olives, carrots, celery, hummus and crackers.

This Sky Club is a flashback to the Northwest days, almost all male except for the staff.

DL 200 ALT-JNB in Business Elite is the way to go. The super-mechanical magical seats not only transform into lay-flat beds, they are sort of little pods where nobody else is sitting next to you or can bother you. Plus the FA came by not once but twice with the preflight champagne. Cheers!

Decent three course meal plus hot towels/nuts beforehand. I don't usually dare the red wine in-flight, but the table seemed pretty steady so what the heck. Duck appetizer, pumpkin bisque, OK but not wonderful steak. I had the cheese plate for dessert.

I slept for most of the trip, skipping the in-between snack or meal. I had the cold Southwest chicken for lunch, which was OK, and the carrot cake dessert, which was very tasty.

Finally, I arrived at JNB. First bird of the trip was the Black-Headed Heron. Second was the Hadada Ibis.

B. was there to meet me, and a short time later another of the hawk chasers arrived on a different flight. But it was getting dark, and we had to find the B&B to get checked in. So now I'm giving the wireless a test.

[To continue to part 3 of my trip report, click right here.]

I don't have the right adaptor and will have to borrow one, so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update.

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