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stay calm, remain in your home, and screen music videos for parrots

2014-01-25 - 9:53 a.m.

I got a text that DH is headed over some icy bridge to Chalmette in search of the coveted overtime. Stay tuned.

Cookie and I spent our time trapped in the house reviewing our music videos and organizing the information tags to make them easier to read. Maybe now I can actually find that music video where...oh never mind!

Some people leaked a bunch of instagrams of the Arctic Monkeys on the set of the music video for "Arabella" that was being filmed on Friday. They advertised for guys who looked like multi-ethnic James Dean types which sounds promising. However, in the instagrams I saw, I didn't see any of the James Deans in question. Alex Turner himself looked bitter and brooding, with a pout better suited to some bitchy guy like Jake Bugg or Justin Bieber. Maybe he wonders why they need to hire actors to play the part when they already have him and he already has a motorcycle or twelve plus a large collection of leather jackets.

Someone pointed out that "Do I Wanna Know" (a cartoon!) is their most popular youtube video with 33 million views. "Fluorescent Adolescent" which is about a bunch of clowns fighting and setting cars on fire is second, with 31 million views. Really? I guess I'll never understand human nature. You people out there would rather look at an animated cartoon or some hideous middle-aged clowns than Alex Turner? No wonder he's only a little bitter.

Well, I definitely need to get out more. Stop with the ice storms already!

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