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the imitation game

2015-03-19 - 9:56 a.m.

We saw The Imitation Game last night. Seriously? First, if the book a movie is based on came out in 1983 -- a THICK book, crammed with excerpts from interviews, papers, and documents -- then I think it's safe to say that the events of the 1940s were not "secret for over 50 years." As far as Turing's part in it, I have a theory they became secret (or at least politically inconvenient to mention) during the anti-gay hysteria of the 50s. But clearly somebody knew about it, or nobody would know about it now. Something secret for 50 years is secret forever. Just ask JFK.

Even if you view the whole thing as fiction, it remains an illogical inconsistency within the movie itself if you can say in one breath "this remained secret for 50 years" and yet the whole structure of the movie is Turing pouring out his life story to his interrogator. Six years later. Six and 50 is not a rounding error.

Second, I do understand it has to be hard to make a movie about a guy who divides his time between building computer hardware, doing higher math, and running/bicycling to keep fit for chasing around the 25 year olds. It isn't like we're kept on the edge of our chair wondering if the computer will work. We all know it works. So I do get that it was a difficult task to create drama.

But really? Seriously? The solution to the problem is to make the story into a high school AU fanfic complete with female Mary Sue and cruel headmaster? I gather the producers assumed straight guys wouldn't go see a movie about a gay guy, gay guys wouldn't go see a movie about a math guy, and that leaves women for your audience. But sheesh. Does it have to be a Lifetime soap opera? Get with the times, people. You really do not have to include a female Mary Sue in a slash. Who does that? It's 2015.

I mean it's just weird that his adult gay relationships are off in a fuzzy haze somewhere off screen. It doesn't feel right, considering his identity was a central fact of his life.

There's a story in there somewhere to be told about a man who could not be anything other than what he was. I gather from Hodges that Turing's feelings for Christopher were no secret from their mothers so he knew who he was from an early age. And apparently so did anybody else with eyeballs. In the war there was a need for every talent. But afterwords the women were told to go home and make babies, and the gays were told to get thee to the closet. I'm not saying I myself would know how to make that into a movie. But I'm pretty sure this movie ain't it.

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