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insect life

2003-06-20 - 9:47 a.m.

I can't believe all the stuff I left out of my Panama story. There was just too much to tell. For instance, how could I have possibly failed to mention all the beautiful, huge, iridescent Morpho amathonte butterflies fluttering around the forest? And certainly the dedication of the long, marching trails of leaf-cutter ants is worthy of mention. On our first afternoon at Gamboa, we studied a trail of hundreds, if not thousands of ants, going around the path to the pool, over and under the wall, and onward toward an unknown destination. Their progress was entirely swept away by the drenching rainstorm of late afternoon.

Speaking of insects, apparently a birder acquired Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in southeast Louisiana and nearly died. In fact, he may not be out of the woods yet. I'm surprised, as we almost never see a tick here. I'm told that it's actually the huge influx of fire ants that has devastated the tick population. I guess I should stop fussing and cussing at the fire ants in that case. But I probably won't.

And while on the topic of insect brains, why not mention that apparently our Glorious Leader got roaring drunk and fell off a Segway, which it is not supposed to be possible to fall off of, for Father's Day. The things you miss when you leave the country for a few days. He's worse than Gerald Ford. Someone with a sense of decency should do an intervention, but I suppose Rove and Cheney prefer a plastered puppet.

Hummingbird Report: Immature/female Ruby-Throats have visited Wednesday, Thursday, and today.

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