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a stroll or two around korsman bird reserve, j'burg

2012-01-07 - 7:28 a.m.

Morning Bird List from Korsman Bird Reserve:

Overslept my chance to get any morning birds but I eventually strolled down to the reserve. I took the opportunity to refresh my memory of some of the common birds of the area, be they Common Fiscal -- I had not remembered the reddish blush on the flanks of the female -- or the various Bishops and Weavers. After I walked all the way around the pond and started to head back, I met up with the group, many of whom had just landed. So we took a short back walk, but the best birds to my mind -- Crested Barbet and Black-Collared Barbet -- did not show themselves on the second pass.

Also notable: The flash of color provided by scuffling male Red Bishops and Village Weavers. And I loved getting re-acquainted with the rakish Red-Knobbed Coot, with its devil's horns on full display.

Here is the list.

  1. Great Crested Grebe
  2. Little Grebe
  3. Helmeted Guineafowl
  4. White-Faced Duck
  5. Maccoa Duck
  6. Yellow-Billed Teal
  7. Cape Shoveler
  8. Egyptian Goose
  9. Black-collared Barbet
  10. Crested Barbet (outside the park, on a tree alongside the road, providing me with a splendid view)
  11. African Palm-Swift
  12. White-Rumped Swift
  13. Grey Go-Away Bird
  14. Rock Dove
  15. Laughing Dove
  16. Cape Turtle Dove
  17. African Purple Swamphen
  18. Common Moorhen
  19. Red-Knobbed Coot
  20. Blacksmith Lapwing
  21. Grey-Headed Gull
  22. Whiskered Tern
  23. White-Winged Tern
  24. African Darter
  25. Reed Cormorant
  26. White-Breasted Cormorant
  27. Little Egret
  28. Grey Heron
  29. Cattle Egret
  30. Squacco Heron
  31. Glossy Ibis
  32. Hadeda Ibis
  33. Common Fiscal
  34. Sand Martin
  35. White-Throated Swallow
  36. Levaillant's Cisticola
  37. Olive Thrush
  38. Cape Glossy-Starling
  39. Common Mynah
  40. Village Weaver
  41. Yellow-Crowned (Golden) Bishop
  42. Southern Red Bishop
  43. Black-Winged Bishop
  44. Cape Sparrow

By this point, we had all gathered except for two of us, so we headed out for lunch. Poor S. He has already had two flights cancelled.

By the way, this reserve is in a modest and unassuming neighborhood called Benoni. I wouldn't think that any of the houses here have more than two or three swimming pools to a property. Heh. At first you think they are hotels. After awhile it sinks in that, nope, these are private homes complete with multiple out-buildings for the servants and mothers-in-law, not to mention eccentric aunts and wastrel sons...Must be nice to own shares in a gold mine when gold is $1,600 an ounce!

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