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Belize bird list

2018-11-15 - 7:25 a.m.

Note: During this trip I reached my goal of seeing over 2,000 species. LIFE birds starred. ***

  1. pied-billed grebe
  2. brown booby -- cute moment being surrounded by boobies & frigatebirds during swim with the sharks
  3. brown pelican-- tried to video a pel catching the mighty fish
  4. neotropical cormorant
  5. double-crested cormorant-- surprised to learn they are to be expected on Caye Caulker
  6. anhinga
  7. magnificent frigatebirds -- some immatures scuffled above us during shark swim
  8. ***BARE THROATED TIGER HERON*** great views adults at Crooked Tred
  9. great blue heron
  10. great egret
  11. snowy egret
  12. little blue egret
  13. tricolored heron
  14. cattle egret
  15. green heron
  16. black-cowned,
  17. yellow-crowned, and
  18. boat-billed night heron
  19. white ibis
  20. roseate spoonbill
  21. black,
  22. turkey,
  23. lesser yellow-headed, and
  24. king vulture -- amazing looks Slate Creek Canyon
  25. black-bellied whistling duck
  26. blue-winged teal
  27. osprey
  28. white-tailed kite
  29. snail kite
  30. black-collared hawk -- 2 pairs up close Crooked Tree boat ride
  31. sharp-shinned hawk
  32. crane hawk --couple great looks CT, my favorite is poor birb being hit by angry kingbird
  33. white hawk -- one well seen Slate Creek Canyon
  34. gray hawk
  35. common, and
  36. great black-hawk
  37. roadside,
  38. broadwinged, &
  39. short tailed hawk -- nice dark morph
  40. black hawk eagle
  41. laughing falcon
  42. american kestrel
  43. bat falcon
  44. plain chachalaca
  45. ***Rufous necked wood rail***
  46. ***Russet naped wood rail***
  47. sungrebe
  48. limpkin
  49. black-bellied&
  50. semipalmated plover
  51. killdeer
  52. black-necked stilt
  53. solitary&
  54. spotted sandpiper
  55. ruddy turnstone
  56. semipalmated&
  57. least sandpiper
  58. long-billed dowitcher
  59. laughing gull
  60. gull-billed &
  61. royal tern
  62. rock dove
  63. pale vented&
  64. red-billed pigeon
  65. white-winged dove
  66. ruddy ground dovw
  67. ***blue ground dove***-- only saw males, great color
  68. white tipped dove
  69. Eurasian collared dove
  70. olive throated parakeet
  71. brown hooded parrot
  72. white crowned ( pionus) parrot
  73. ***white-fronted parrot***
  74. red-lored parrot
  75. ***mealy parrot***
  76. squirrel cuckoo
  77. groove billed ani
  78. common paraque
  79. little hermit
  80. wedge-tailed sabrewing-- awesome color in a preening bird..
  81. ***white bellied emerald***
  82. rufous-tailed hummingbird
  83. cinnamon hummingbird
  84. ***black-headed trogon***
  85. gartered,
  86. collared&
  87. slaty tailed trogon
  88. ***Tody Motmot***-- one bird well seen
  89. Lesson's Motmot -- the active & familiar motmot of the area
  90. ringed,
  91. belted
  92. amazon&
  93. green kingfisher
  94. ***white-necked puffbird- awesome trip seen pm Crooked Tree boat trip***
  95. white whiskered puffbird
  96. rufous-tailed jacamar
  97. northern emerald toucanet -- great bird sitting out by the road on a bare branch to give easy looks
  98. collared aracari
  99. keel-billed toucan (Belize type with no red stripe at bottom of yellow breast)
  100. acorn woodpecker
  101. black-cheeked woodpecker
  102. ***Red-vented or Yucatan woodpecker***
  103. golden-fronted woodpecker
  104. yellow-bellied sapsucker
  105. golden-olive woodpecker
  106. ***chestnut-colored woodpecker***
  107. lineated woodpecker
  108. pale-billed woodpecker
  109. ***rufous-breasted spinetail***-- just when we were about to give up, we found one singing where it could be easily seen
  110. buff-throated foliage gleaner
  111. ***plain xenops*** -- multiple sightings
  112. ***tawny-winged woodcreeper***
  113. ***ruddy woodcreeper***
  114. olivaceous woodcreeper
  115. wedge-billed woodcreeper
  116. ***northern barred woodcreeper*** -- Blue Hole National Park
  117. ***ivory-billed woodcreeper*** -- many well seen
  118. barred antshrike -- best pair seen at Crooked Tree where male was serenading an interested female
  119. dot-winged antwren -- good-sized flock at Blue Hole National Park
  120. ***yellow-bellied tyrannulet*** -- one of the life birds first seen during the "rush" on the road to Caracol
  121. yellow-bellied elaenia
  122. ochre-bellied flycatcher
  123. ***sepia-capped flycatcher*** -- one of the life birds first seen during the "rush"
  124. ***northern bentbill*** -- a couple of sightings that took a long time to see the whole lil bird in the greenery
  125. ***slate-headed tody-flycatcher***
  126. common tody-flycatcher
  127. yellow-olive flycatcher
  128. ***sulphur-rumped flycatcher***
  129. olive-sided flycatcher
  130. eastern wood-pewee -- one of them was a fledgling sitting in the road but we encouraged it to move along OK
  131. yellow-bellied flycatcher -- singing bird out in the open
  132. black phoebe
  133. vermillion flycatcher-- the spirit of Crooked Tree
  134. ***Yucatan flycatcher*** -- Crooked Tree boat trip
  135. dusky-capped flycatcher
  136. great crested flycatcher
  137. great kiskadee
  138. boat-billed &
  139. social flycatcher
  140. tropical &
  141. couch's kingbird (admittedly, we spent little time inspecting kingbirds)
  142. scissor-tailed flycatcher-- airport fence
  143. ***Northern (Thrushlike) Schiffornis***
  144. ***Rufous Piha*** -- the schiffornis made us crazy trying to get it in the scope by flying back and forth in front of us, but the piha was a patient bird just sitting there when we drove up & the piha was in the fact the first bird of the "rush" moment on the road to Caracol where we saw several lifers in ten minutes
  145. rose-throated becard
  146. white-collared manakin-- at one sight, we saw a displaying male who actually did make the popcorn noise as well as its other sounds
  147. white-eyed vireo
  148. ***mangrove vireo*** -- might have been my first life bird of the trip, seen on the road into Crooked Tree
  149. yellow-throated vireo
  150. ***Yucatan vireo*** -- amazing close, eye level looks at one on Caye Caulker
  151. ***Tawny-crowned Greenlet*** -- cute, close, confiding, & one of the "rush" birds, because it was so close it gave the impression of being larger than it was!
  152. ***Lesser Greenlet*** -- we'd already seen it before the "rush" but it was also there and could be compared to the tawny-crown
  153. ***Green Shrike-Vireo*** -- I am assured this bird is seldom seen but we saw it well because it had captured a moth it was struggling to conquer and thus didn't have time to keep trying to hide itself high in the canopy -- great show!
  154. Green Jay
  155. Brown Jay
  156. ***Yucatan Jay*** -- Crooked Tree
  157. Mangrove Swallow
  158. Northern Rough-winged Swallow
  159. band-backed wren
  160. ***spot-breasted wren*** -- I suspect I saw my lifer as I was getting out of the car at the very first stop of the trip heading into Crooked Tree because a small, confiding wren came right up to me & the guide heard the spot-breasted wren call, however, the light was poor, and later we got much more spectacular views
  161. house wren
  162. ***white-bellied wren*** -- not too hard to observe since it was working on its nest near the road
  163. long-billed gnatwren -- a struggle to get a good view because it was small, fast, & flirty but eventually I got a great look
  164. blue-gray gnatcatcher
  165. wood thrush -- cutest spot was a small flock of five or six bathing in a puddle I found near Crystal Paradise
  166. clay-colored robin
  167. gray catbird
  168. ***black catbird*** -- many seen after rain storm on Caye Caulker
  169. tropical mockingbird
  170. black-and-white warbler
  171. blue-winged warbler
  172. northern parula
  173. yellow warbler
  174. chestnut-sided warbler
  175. magnolia warbler
  176. black-throated green warbler
  177. yellow-throated warbler
  178. ***Grace's warbler***-- seen well in pine & provided great opportunity to contrast with the area yellow-throated warblers
  179. bay-breasted warbler
  180. worm-eating warbler
  181. ovenbird
  182. northern waterthrush -- there were several but I only saw one super well, that one was a good one, though, close & confiding because we were in the canoe
  183. common yellowthroat -- many
  184. hooded warbler
  185. yellow-breasted chat
  186. ***gray-headed tanager*** -- great looks
  187. ***black throated shrike-tanager*** -- the life bird, a female, was most cooperative because she was eating but later some others (including a couple of males) were not as well seen (bad light)
  188. red-throated ant-tanager -- a feeder bird at Crystal Paradise
  189. hepatic tanager
  190. summer tanager
  191. Passerini's tanager -- a wonderful view of a male sunning all spread out on a branch displaying the red rump/back & his eyes closed, not sure if he was anting or if he was just catching rays but he appeared to be in ecstasy
  192. blue-gray tanager
  193. yellow-winged tanager
  194. yellow-throated euphonia
  195. ***olive-backed euphonia*** -- only one bird well seen but it was splendid in good light
  196. red-legged honeycreeper -- don't know how I got "lucky" but every one I focused on was a female
  197. blue-black grassquit
  198. variable seedeater
  199. Morelet's (white-collared) seedeater
  200. ***blue seedeater***
  201. yellow-faced grassquit
  202. ***green-backed sparrow***
  203. rusty sparrow
  204. grayish saltator
  205. black-headed saltator
  206. ***black-faced grosbeak*** -- large flock once we realize they were there!
  207. northern cardinal
  208. rose-breasted grosbeak
  209. blue-black grosbeak
  210. ***blue bunting*** -- the brat life bird of the trip since I saw only the female
  211. blue grosbeak
  212. painted bunting -- charming male bathing in the puddle at Crystal Paradise that hosted the bathing wood thrushes the next day
  213. red-winged blackbird (we spotted all of one, I think)
  214. melodious blackbird
  215. great-tailed grackle
  216. bronzed cowbird
  217. black-cowled oriole
  218. orchard,
  219. hooded,
  220. yellow-backed, &
  221. yellow-tailed oriole
  222. Baltimore oriole
  223. ***yellow-billed cacique***
  224. montezuma oropendula

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