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top this: my lemur life list

2007-12-06 - 8:12 a.m.

© 2007 by elaine radford

a degenerate ring-tailed delinquent peeks into my cabin and scares me out of two year's growth, sure, they're harmless, but damn, they know how to look tough when they need to, this character looks like he's been out partying all night and not planning to stop any time soon either

The focus of our trip was the birds of prey, and we really made no special effort to find lemurs. Yet we often happened across excellent views, and I feel happy with the view of all 16 on my list. If you want to bump up your species count, I highly recommend you to take any night walks whenever you can. There's a "pocket identification guide" called Lemurs of Madagascar by Conservation International that you can use to help familiarize yourself with the various species and forms. But don't ignore advice from the field technicians and guides on the ground who know the animals best. Also, be aware that new species or subspecies are still being found, so all printed materials are subject to updates. Our leader had just discovered two new species of Mouse Lemur not long before our tour.

I have listed my lemurs in the order that I encountered them, not in any kind of scientific or taxonomic order. I have not listed "heard only" species, such as Red Ruffed Lemur.

mama ring-tailed lemur doesn't let baby on her back stop her from scent-marking her territory for her followers, who all stopped and sniffed where indicated

Important note: As I am very far from being any kind of mammal expert, don't identify any species on the basis of a label on one of my photos. Always double check your identifications with another source. And if you feel that I have incorrectly identified any species in my photos, you are welcome to email me and say why.

young ring-tailed lemur, berenty

My lemur life list:

  1. Milne-Edwards' Sifaka -- Prophithecus edwardsi
  2. Common Brown Lemur -- Eulemur fulvus
  3. Coquerel's Sifaka -- P. coquereli
  4. Western Woolly Lemur -- Avahi occidentalis
  5. Milnes-Edwards Sportive Lemur -- Lepilemur edwardsi
  6. Gray Mouse Lemur -- Microcebus murinus
  7. Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur -- Cheirogaleus medius
  8. Mongoose Lemur -- E. mongoz
  9. White-Fronted Brown Lemur -- E. albifrons
  10. Ring-Tailed Lemur -- Lemur catta
  11. Verreaux's Sifaka -- P. verreauxi
  12. Reddish-Gray Mouse Lemur -- M. griseorufus
  13. White-Footed Sportive Lemur -- Lepilemur leucopus
  14. Red-Fronted Brown Lemur -- E. rufus
  15. Diademed Lemur -- P. diadema
  16. Indri -- Indri indri

awwwwwww, ain't that sweet -- gray mouse lemur, parc ankarafantsika

verreaux's sifaka, mama and baby, if you don't get at least one good mama and baby shot of lemurs whilst in mada, you probably aren't trying

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