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lost in the world of appearances

2013-11-02 - 8:54 a.m.

Last night we saw La Jetee. This is the slide-show series of stills that tells the story on which Twelve Monkeys was based. Except with sinister Germans in the catacombs of Paris instead of Bruce Willis since it was made by a French dude in 1962.

It was packaged as a double feature with San Soleil by the same guy, Chris Marker. This is a full length movie about a dude (never or at least seldom enough seen that you don't remember what he looks like) who ships home letters and movies from his travels around the world while he thinks deep French thoughts.

Mostly he's in Japan and Africa. San Francisco once when he gets on a Hitchcock kick. He meant to put a bit about Iceland, where he saw three kids walking and had a vision of happiness.

However, before he could make the movie which he probably would not have made anyway, the Icelandic village is covered in black ash to the roofs by a volcano. As they say on the internet, warning/triggers for natural disaster post-traumatic stress disorder.

He sees Paris on Japanese TV. They have an emu wandering loose in one of the parks there, and one gathers he almost considers heading home sometime to see this emu. But he doesn't. Or if he does, it's sometime later after the end of the film.

Some of this he filmed himself. Much of it he put together as a collage from other filmmakers.


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