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page one: my mineral collection

2010-09-15 - 9:07 p.m.

all photos this page © 2010 by elaine radford

the 80 pound STOMP!!!!

My Mineral Collection--the Ultimate Online Catalog

Peachfront's Note: Most of the items in my personal catalog are not for sale. I will consider offers, but you must understand that I might want a ridiculous price to consider parting with some of my special items. From time to time, I will offer well-priced items at on eBay or on the Rock Tumbling Hobby site. Or you can email me. Who knows. I might just have something you'll like at a price you can afford. But, please, if you want to buy one of my babies, keep in mind that "babies" cost! I'm really just posting the photographs of my collection to give you something to drool over.

Item # 1-- The Eighty Pound Quartz Crystal Point from the area of Hot Springs, Arkansas

A single unworked, 100% all natural Quartz Crystal point that weighs 80 pounds! Whoa! We purchased this piece in 1993 from an individual in his 90s who originally mined quartz crystal points on his land for the government during World War II to provide for electronic quartz material. (Yes, old timey electronics once used genuine quartz!) He had plenty of "big boys" left over and made a living for life in the rockhound/quartz crystal business, although he confessed that the day he sold his land across the street in (what was now) a suburb of Hot Springs, "I made more off that land in one day than I made in my whole life selling crystals." Cities grow, and quartz grows, I guess is the moral of that story.

Our neighbor at the time was a wood-worker, and we hired him to make a custom-fit wooden stand for the crystal point, so that it can point straight skyward to this day. In our younger days, when hauling about 80 pound items (and their wooden accessories!) was less of an issue, we would bring this crystal to the gem and mineral shows. In fact, this crystal can boast that it was hugged by no less than Timothy Leary at one of our more woo-woo New Age type shows. How's that for street cred?

We originally bought this item thinking to re-sell, and I guess we still would, but I wouldn't take less than $1,200 for it. Don't howl. See that note about my prices? If it's priced waaaay too high, that's probably your first clue that it's a special pet and I'm not that eager to let go of it.

There's a rule of thumb that micro-crystals are more perfect that macro-crystals, and certainly the point of this crystal is chipped, but I don't think it's that bad for a monster of this size. You be the judge.

point of the 80 pound STOMP!

A big ole boy this size tends to attract some buddies, and here are a few items that are living at the base of this quartz crystal at the moment:

a good-looking fortification agate with drusy crystals on the interior, needs a little clean-up but otherwise a fine piece

nice carnelian specimen, some day i'll face it up and put a nice polish on it, but for now it's the way mother nature made her

some kind of agatized coral with a good-looking red band and some drusy quartz inside of it, would love to know where it came from

where did this mystery agate nodule come from?

here's a closer look at one of the halves...unpolished, yes, but you still get an idea of the possibilities...

some agate bubbles...

holy moly, two botswana agates that turned out to contain amethyst, one of the nodules is pretty much all amethyst inside, and the other one has a large accent area of amethyst -- we just opened these and haven't had time to put a polish on 'em yet but wow, just wow...

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