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the mockingbird's secret

2004-04-03 - 9:22 a.m.

I know a secret. There is a Mockingbird nest in the tall bush near my front dining room window. I also think I know how the broken Mockingbird egg got on my mailbox. That morning, I had glancingly noticed a Blue Jay going into that bush and coming out. I bet the Blue Jay stole an egg and only got to eat half before the Mockingbirds found out and gave chase. How's that for detective work?

This morning when I was feeding the conures, the Red-Bellied Woodpecker male was on the again-empty suet feeder. He pecked angrily and then made a strange, loud grunt. OK, OK, people, I can take a hint. I put out a fresh suet cake, but of course the Mockingbirds claimed first taste, as usual.

I tried the wrap sandwiches at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Good Lord, they were bad. Note to self: Avoid the food at Barnes and Noble. Yikes!

I was going over the clothes in my closet and I am saddened to see that it looks like I left my Betsey Johnson dress at the Windsor Court Hotel. I wish I had noticed at the time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it might still turn up. There is another suitcase I haven't checked, and I'm reasonably sure I didn't forget an entire suitcase. I may be absent-minded, but come on.

I made a postcard out of one of my prints of the giraffe overlooking Nairobi and sent it to Jonathan of the "My Mind Bursts" diary. I put on two Snowy Egret stamps instead of getting it weighed at the post office, because I think these stamps are a good symbol of Louisiana. (I'm only a little bitter that the local post office sold out of all the Brown Pelican stamps in, like, two days.) But I was a little concerned that it might be delayed since it wasn't metered -- I'm tickled to learn it got to England OK. If anyone reading this wants to add to Jonathan's collection of postcards from around the world, click on the link to his diary for his address and also for a fascinating reading experience. I'm not sure if I printed exactly this picture but it was one of them from this series:

giraffe overlooking nairobi, kenya
� 2004 by Elaine Radford, all rights reserved

Uh oh. There is a Common Grackle on the suet feeder. I'm really going to have to cut off the suet supply for a few days, but I don't look forward to all the complaints from the Mockingbirds and now, it seems, from the Woodpecker too. I am bossed by birds!

We haven't seen Mercury again but last night was a wonderful clear night, and we did see the waxing Moon close to Jupiter, with Saturn, Mars, and Venus also easily detectable in the early evening sky. Unfortunately, at around 8 o'clock, the Light Polluters, as I call them, turned on their halogen floodlights and lit up our backyard like a neon sign. We never knew what horrors the old oak tree shielded us from.


I found the Betsey Johnson dress. All I found in the other suitcase was a lost sock, but then I noticed that the dress had fallen behind the laundry basket.

BF and I shopped, with a break in the middle for lunch at Chili's. They had a 2-for-1 special on the Abita Amber. Very sleepy now. My eyes are getting heavier and heavier. A beautiful day for a nap.

wild spoonbill at lake martin, louisiana
� 2004 by Elaine Radford, all rights reserved

Don't forget to visit my new photo albums -- Great Egrets and Roseate Spoonbills. Click here for the story of my weekend photo/birding trip to Lake Martin, Louisiana.

And feel free to check out My Kenya Diary -- Quest for Eagles.

secretary bird in tsavo west, kenya
� 2004 by Don Bryant, all rights reserved

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