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part 1: northern alabama/southeastern tennessee fall color and weird buildings road trip

2010-11-08 - 4:12 p.m.

all photos © 2010 by elaine radford

Did I hear someone say, "Road Trip?" Let's start with a few photos from apparently little-known Rickwood Caverns in northern Alabama. It was a beautiful blue day for a cave tour, with the golden leaves of autumn tumbling from the no-doubt-highly-atmospheric trees.

Not a spot for the claustrophobic, this cave includes the ever-popular "fat man's squeeze," but, heck, almost every cave tour has one...

Fer cryin' out loud, how's a little ole bat supposed to get any hibernation done around here?

Having read DeLillo, I think I understand the importance of photographing a covered bridge, but I no longer understand, if I ever did understand, just why the covered bridge is covered in the first place. I mean, the trees or the clouds are still gonna drip on you when you're approaching or departing the area, anyways...but, let's not quibble, about this no-doubt-socially-significant covered bridge first built in 1904, the Clarkson Covered Bridge.

I'm planning to put some of the more eccentric man-made attractions that we visited on their own pages, so let's skip over the Ave Maria Grotto and move on to the Natural Bridge of Alabama, the longest rock arch east of the Rockies. If it appears to be a former limestone cave that had some fortuitous sinkholes that left behind just the bridge...well...that's probably not real far from the truth.

This large stone at the gateway to the natural bridge supposedly holds a naturally carved "Indian Face" like the one seen on old nickels. I thought I saw it for a minute but I looked away and now it's gone.

We made a stop at the Sipsey Wilderness as part of our fall color trail. There were a good many yellow trees, but there was still a lot of green here.

Whew. I took too many photos. That's enough for one post. Stay tuned for more fall color...

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