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a house with no roof, that's my address, said he

2006-03-23 - 5:33 p.m.

A friend was involved in a lawsuit that was delayed and unsettled for many a year thanks to the efforts of the guilty party. Finally, a final and for sure court date was set for mid September. Then the guilty party's lawyer tried to get the judge to stop the friend from telling his address -- a normal part of court procedure. He thought it would gain too much pity from the jury. Well boo hoo hoo. Tell your client not to go around shoving on people 1/3 of his weight in the future, and if he does persist in such anti-social activities, maybe next time just quietly settle that noise, because you know you're wrong and karma is going to get ya.

At last I have returned to Biloxi. The destruction is beyond belief. And it just gets worse as you go to Gulfport. We went to look for his old apartment and we couldn't even find the slab where it had once been, although I'm sure that slab is there, with all the other slabs.

Long Beach and Pass Christian are almost completely vanished from this earth.

Last night we stayed at our old stomping grounds. It's like one of those dreams where you dream about somewhere you used to go and after awhile you get all turned around because it's completely different. The casino was blown away down to the firetruck out front and the giant pink dolphins -- yet, oddly, the billfish statue that used to greet you when you turned toward the ballroom is still there, besides hotel registration. The new parking lot, conveniently located so you could roll your suitcases through the casino, is now at a distance from the new land-based casino, and so you have to catch a shuttle from parking to hotel/casino. The restaurant overlooking the beach appears to have been completely hollowed out, but it has been repaired, with more windows, and more tables -- and no piano -- to accommodate the crush of customers.

I wore my black velvet dress with the rhinestone catch and the "like crockwork" boots. My dinner was house merlot, beef tenderloin carpaccio, filet, asparagus.

And yes I made use of the in-room jacuzzi complete with the fizzy bath salt ball waiting to be added to the hot water.

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