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nyota hanging upside-down in the window to check out a warbler half her size is fairly hilarious

2013-10-27 - 10:07 a.m.

The wind block is up now in the bird porch for the winter, although I don't think it ever really got cool enough Friday night to demand it. Next week or so we'll probably need to put up the heat lamps. The peach-fronts are certainly looking beautiful this year...not a gray feather this year on any of them despite their age. They're glowing.

I realize that Halloween is coming up but I dunno. I think I might actually try to get some work done around here. So I'm thinking I'll make a pumpkin pie and then hide from candy seekers on the big day. Hmmm.

Yeah, OK, I realize Chris Brown is a bad man but FFS. It has become obvious to me that the world as it is has no intention of allowing this dude to change his life. I doubt Brown AND his bodyguard just attacked some random dude out of nowhere. I could be wrong. But I'll wait and let the facts come out before I jump on the hater bandwagon.

When I'm in the mood for hating this weekend, I'll save it for Paul McCarthy, who can't be harmed by it. I've managed to avoid this obnoxious asshat for 40 years, and I'd be happy to avoid him for 40 more, should the blood-sipping vampire survive that long. I just saw a thing on NME where he claimed that he prayed/meditated/connected to John Lennon when he was writing his stuff. Well, isn't that special? This is the same asshat who, the day Lennon was shot dead, had no comment because he was busy and had to quote unquote get back to work! We're all supposed to forget about that stuff now because it all happened before the internet? Jerk. If you wanted to connect with John Lennon, the man who made your entire career and your entire life, maybe you could have done it while he was still fucking alive.

There. I feel much better now. I hate disloyal asshats so much, and as far as I'm concerned Macca is Exhibit A as one of the biggest disloyal asshats of all time. I just hate that guy. Hate him, hate him, hate him. Lennon could have pulled anybody out of the gutter and made him McCartney, but McCartney could not have made a Lennon. Sorry, that's just fact IMHO.

Unfortunately Macca was on BBC Friday night with the Arctic Monkeys so I had to fast forward through his geezer rock bits to get to the good stuff. The AM performances were great, and blues singer Gary Clark Jr. stole the show as far as music went, but I suppose the real reason to watch was Alex's awful interview with Jools Holland. Jools asked stupid questions and made stupid remarks, and Alex gave stupid sarcastic answers and generally kept his foot in his mouth for the entire interview. At one point he even smirked and called himself a poser, which made me rather sad. It must be true that the singing part of the brain is not the same as the speech part of the brain because I can't think of famous person who is worse at trying to talk other than George W. Bush himself. It hardly seems like the same person who can deliver the rapidfire lyrics of something like "From the Ritz to the Rubble."

Most interviewers seem to feel sorry for Alex and just play the straight man to his idiotic mumblings, but this one seemed to be deliberately jerking him around. "What's the difference between Los Angeles and Sheffield?" Really? That's a question? You need an aphasic man to tell you the answer to that?

a bit later

Yesterday's The Guardian had a kind way of describing Alex attempting to speak:

More than any other person I've ever interviewed, Turner is so profoundly aware of the need to express himself with precision that it occasionally seems to leave him vocally hamstrung. He stops himself, retraces his steps, leaves long gaps while searching for exactly the right metaphor.

Despite his struggle to speak, he manages to indulge in some British sarcasm aimed at this reporter as well, but she is too kind to really admit she noticed.

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