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page 18 of the online mineral museum: oddities part 1, little bojis and a concretion

2011-01-12 - 11:11 a.m.

all photos © 2011 by elaine radford

Here are a couple of oddities.

Now, do you really think Peachfront got out of the New Age without picking up a few Boji stones? C'mon. Not gonna happen. These guys are so charming that you just can't resist. I'm told that there are lots of Boji-like stones in the American midwest, but these guys are the trademarked stone from those folks in Kansas. "Bumpies" are male, and smoothies are female. I bought a male for myself, and later a friend gave me a "mated" pair, so now I have this cute little trio.

I have heard a rumor that if you cut them, there is Pyrite or (alternate rumor) Marcasite inside. No one I know has cut them, and I'm certainly not going to. I think they're perfect just the way they are.

The second stone is a simple concretion, but its wasp-waisted, well-rounded shape is certainly evocative of the feminine. The owners of the former Lofty Notions on Valence Street provided this note with my concretion:
"We gathered these 20,000 year old concretions from Lake Superior. Concretions usually form around plant or animal matter. These are made of sand, silt, clay, lime, and iron oxide.

An ancient Chippewa legend says that they "were created by the Great Spirit who gave each one a little soul." Some people feel a light pulsation or heartbeat when holding them. They emit a warm, nurturing, loving energy."

The ladies weren't old, but they were what we'd call "older," and at some point in the early 90s, they retired to (I believe) North Carolina. Memory fades, but I know it was a place where the rockhound could actually find stone, instead of mud. New Orleans is many things but a rockhounding destination it ain't. What was unique about Lofty Notions is that they really concentrated on unique and different stones, rather than cheap stones. Yes, it's important to have a source of cheap stones for metaphysical working -- a stone that is going to be wrapped up in a gris-gris bag and never seen again by human eyes does not need to be expensive or showy to be effective -- but it was nice to have some truly special and different stones out there too. The name, Lofty Notions, apparently came because they had a wood-working loft, but when I met them, they'd already closed down the wood-working shop, and they had a beautiful home/shop filled with special stones everywhere you looked. Truly an inspiration.

Oh, and that bit about each Lake Superior concretion has a little soul? I'm pretty sure that's true of the Boji stones as well. Pick one up and see what it says. But it might not be all that sweet and Kumbaya. Say something to peeve off a Boji, and it might just bite!

I will have much more to say on the topic of "oddities" later, as I get to them in the rock cabinet. Stay tuned.

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