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why i don't have to empty my penny jar

2009-11-18 - 10:46 a.m.

Peachfront's Note: Check out my October 2009 Bolivia "Bird of Prey" trek: To start with Part 1, please click right here. If you missed any previous installments, well, here's Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and the thrilling conclusion, Part 6. Or check out my bird trip list with over 50 new life species. Also don't forget to investigate my photo essay, the beautiful butterflies of Bolivia.

This crazy weather. I thought I had the heater on last night, but it turns out that I had the AC on instead. Needless to say, I was blue with cold and didn't want to get up in the morning, because I wanted to remain rolled up in multiple layers of comforters and blankies.

I have not made any serious dent in the satsumas since I took the picture the other day. That's because I found a whole basket of satsumas, sitting out on the dining room table, that I had to use for making pork a la orange, three more bottles of frozen juice for the freezer, and a huge satsuma and walnut salad for lunch, with a dressing made of honey stirred with satsuma juice. All that satsuma, and the fridge is still at the overflow. At least I'm getting my vitamin C.

I believe that, in addition to the citrus vodka I'm working on, I need to make at least one bottle or two of Triple Sec-style orange liqueur.

Every day I've been practicing my 9/7 Double Bonus poker strategy, the game we've been playing to get free hotel rooms. We were terrible. I'm amazed that we're profitable on this game. I guess it shows you the value of the coupons we've been receiving. I'm getting pretty good at it now. I test myself and see how long I can go without either looking at the card or making a mistake. I'm close to having it word perfect by now. Probably means we'll get out there and they will have removed the machines in question...

I guess it has been awhile since we've had a poker hand history for your amaze and amuse. The game -- penny LHE, specifically 5/10 cents. The players -- without a clue. My image -- well, I thought it was craptastic spewtard but I guess not, based on the way this hand played out. Me, if I'm playing a craptastic spewtard, I'm going to go for the bet/3 bet or whatever to try to get some action on my hand when I flop trips. I'm surely not going to slowplay and let 'em get away cheap.

3 players. I'm in the big blind with pocket 8s. Keep in mind whilst reading this hand history that it was a three-sided games -- not three players that saw the flop. Three players who happened to be at the table in total.

Button folds, small blind calls, I raise, small blind calls.

Flop is QT2 rainbow.

He checks, I make the C-bet, he calls.

Turn is A of fourth suit, so no flush will be possible, if it matters.

He checks, I check.

The river is the 3 of irrelevance.

He bets, I just call, he shows TT for a flopped set of tens. Wow, way to make the minimum on your hand, dude.

I'm not advising anyone to play these micro-stakes games, except for humor and/or practice. I don't think you can beat the crazy rake. But, with opponents like this, at least I never run out of funds. Which is a good thing, since it has been years since I've been able to add any funds...

You will find an index to more silly poker plays by clicking right here.

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