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page eleven of my online mineral museum: two stones for the writer

2010-12-22 - 7:07 p.m.

all photos � 2010 by elaine radford
celestite cluster

So far, I haven't said much about stone folklore. I've just posted pretty pictures so that folks can drool. However, there's a magic about stones that captures the imagination. Even a crow will pick up a shiny bit of glitter, out of a sense of wonder. And we, as humans, have way more sense of wonder than a crow.

Well, here are two interesting specimens that I placed on my desk many years ago, to help with my writing. Considering how wordy I am, I think we can assume that they sure didn't slow me down any -- even if they would prefer not to take the credit or blame for my scribbles. The lovely Celestite cluster above was bought or swapped for at a New Age show in the early 1990s. The guy was selling the specimens for meditation, magic, and good looks, not science, and I don't think he mentioned where they were collected.

a single crystal of perfectly formed purple fluorite

I have lots of Fluorite in my collection. It's beautiful, colorful, comes in attractive forms, and is relatively inexpensive. This particular crystal is from Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, as seen at mineral shows and rock shops everywhere, and yet its enduring beauty never gets tired. Stick around, and at some point, I will make a page that covers my entire Fluorite collection. It's impressive if I do say so myself.

As for the folklore behind these stones? I had the idea that Celestite was "new" to metaphysics in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The light, airy blue color seemed to suggest intellectual activity, and back then it was considered rather intellectual to write. There was much noise about the death of letters and the end of writing. Little did we know that the internet, and then the text message, would come along, and everyone would write everything and no one would talk any more. Writing is a rather democratic activity these days, and everybody pretty much knows how to scribble (although some of these everybodies need to use their spellcheck). Back then, however, writing was viewed as something that a lot of people really struggled at. And so the Celestite was suggested as a good stone to spark the magical flow of words.

Now, we're probably all looking for the magic stone to make people STFU. That's the wheel of progress, I suppose.

Fluorite, now, there's a stone that has been around for awhile, even though it was too soft for jewelry. It comes in an interesting assortment of colors, primarily purples and yellows, but greens and blues too. I've always heard it recommended to students and to help clarity of thought. Well, we can all use more clarity of thought, and there's certainly something soothing about the calm, cool colors of this attractive stone.

Strangely enough, while checking der Google to see if there was any collecting or mining of the Fluorite at the Cave-in-Rock site these days, I found out that the cave was a well-known hang-out for river pirates. I haven't yet been able to learn if there is still mining or rockhounding though.

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