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my first flight on air force one

2015-12-04 - 8:30 p.m.

Life is a fractal, and you can't describe all the twists & turns. There are too many. I just realized that if you watched the "crossing the river" video on YouTube, you might get the idea that I was the kinda chick who hogged the best seat on the tour vehicle.

Even if I was that kinda chick, and I'm not saying yay or nay, the reality is that the rules clearly state that if somebody's front row one day, then somebody else is front row the next. But I got front row of the vehicle all the time we were at Chitwan. How is that, you might well ask? Well, it wasn't because of my skills as an international poker player of mystery, I assure you. I think it was because a certain person wanted to make another person miserable. And so when it came their turn to take the front, the miserable person made a fuss & demanded the back of the bus & pulled the other person back there too. So... okay? I don't mind being in the front every freaking time. Heh.

In any event, we now come to Nov. 20. Those who couldn't go the distance were now on the plane to a distant continent. I'm not saying I heard a rumor they crawled back on coach, but I heard a rumor they crawled back on coach. Actually I figured it out when one of them flashed UAE money, and I'm like scratching my head and saying, "Oh, in Doha we didn't need any money, the airline took care of all that stuff?????" Heh anyway...

Nov. 20, 2015...Kathmandu to Dhangadhi

The title of this post is a bit of a joke. There is no Air Force One. The Prime Minister of Nepal flies commercial. How do I know this? He and his entourage were on my flight. Also a disgruntled member of the ousted party was sitting near us, and he had plenty to say for himself. When he wasn't making nice to the tourists by pointing out the beautiful mountains by name, he was pissing off the flight attendant by telling her to GTFO any time she told him to sit down and put his seatbelt on. This dude ain't sitting down & putting on his seatbelt. He was probably a holy cow in his last life.

All the FA could do about it was roll her eyes. As in, she literally rolled her eyes like a cartoon character. Multiple times. It was like being in a movie or something. In America, she'd just have the dude strapped down with duct tape!

So anyhoo... of all the thousands of flights canceled in Nepal for lack of fuel, we had nary a care in the world. Ain't nobody canceling the Prime Minister's flight. When we got off the plane, all the Nepalese (which was everybody I guess except me & S.) had their phones out to capture the moment. They hung so many flowers around that dude's neck it's a wonder he could stagger forward under the weight of all of it...

The scenery during the flight of all the amazing mountains was pretty frickin' incredible. I'm going to edit some of the footage soon and post it... I didn't photo the Prime Minister of Nepal but to me he's just another dude with a lot of flowers around his neck so... you'll have to forgive my ignorance of important political issues of the day.

After we landed, we had to drive 90 minutes or two hours or so to Sukla Phanta, also known as the park with no tourists. We had it to ourselves. Pretty awesome. But we got there so late there was no time to visit the park. Instead we strolled around the village and got a few local birds-- Bank Myna (BVD, bad light), Gray & Pied Bushchat (important to know, as we'd so many males AND females), etc. The area would prove to be thick with Jungle Owlet, and we saw our first at very close range. Oh, and there was a flock of Alexandrine Parakeets feeding on an agricultural field-- maybe 300 birds flying back and forth and jostling for goodies.

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