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i have questions about economic theory, mississippi kite trees, and the name of a decent brand of base coat

2014-05-03 - 9:47 a.m.

Someone pointed out to me that American boots do not even possess bootstraps with which to lift ourselves. I have a large collection of boots, including several Kenneth Coles, Miss Sixty, and Stuart Weitzmann, and OMG. They're right. And these are not cheap boots, unless you consider $300-$600 a cheap price to pay for boots. Maybe some people do?

Anyhoo, the only boots I have with bootstraps are an ancient pair of Guccis from the late 80s or early 90s and the two pairs of boots I ordered from England the other day. What! Did George Washington tell a lie!

Is it possible that the Mississippi Kite nest is in yon pine tree? The oaks they used to use back there are long gone, thanks to the tender mercies of Andrew (1992), Bill (2003), and Katrina (2005). Andrew and Bill each took one from the line behind my house. Katrina took all the rest.

But I've seen both an adult female and an adult male come low over the yard from the direction of the tree I have in mind. Hard to put in's like the initial sally some birds make when they leave a tree and sort of do a slow whassup circle over the yard.

I also believe that there may be two, rather than just one, Red-Headed Woodpecker pairs using my feeder. I can't tell male from female, but there was a rather vicious battle over the feeder last evening, and I don't think a mated pair would go at each other like that. It wasn't flirtatious at all. It was a denial of food.

A little flock of chickadees flew in yesterday evening to use the bird bath. Both the male and female cardinal seem to view it as their exclusive spa, and the pair probably wasn't best pleased when they came down to take a romantic soak together -- only to have a bratty chickadee join them.

I bought 8 or 10 shades of nail polish on Friday. I'm embarrassed to count them and say for sure how many.

Check it out. My Friday instagram photo of Nyota got a like from Focus Creeps. We'll never hear the end of it from that lovebird.

I had a dream about the lovely celebrity of my choice instead of the choice of my stupid subconscious. Unfortunately what I dreamed was that I was reading someone's rather poorly scribbled fanfic about him. Arghhhhh.


The pair of Northern Cardinals were enjoying their bird bath...when a big stomping Brown Thrasher horned in. I believe the secret of the stone mosaic bird bath is out of the bag and in the hands of the masses.

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