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how about a rain of money?

2011-09-02 - 9:57 a.m.

Rain, rain, rain, more rain predicted -- maybe 20 inches. And all I said was that I hoped to test drive a few cars this weekend. Obviously, I can't buy a car right before or during a flood. What a bother. And yet those pesky Texans still won't break down and offer me a free trip to Texas. They still don't know, still don't believe, that Peachfront brings the rain.

Big storm yesterday. After it passed, I went to the library to pick up my books. The ceiling had just collapsed, and they were frantically running around trying to save books because of course it didn't collapse over the reading area where they have about 10 magazines and the daily paper, nor did it collapse over the DVDs. Nope, it found the very heart of their stacks of paper books. Yikes.

Lots of Ruby-Throated Hummingbird activity. They drained the near feeder and almost drained the back one, before I realized.

Yesterday, I had three Carolina Wrens at the feeder, which is not that weird, but what caught my eye is that one of the Wrens was in disreputable feather, especially about the face, and that this bird 1) begged for food, and 2) was immediately fed. Just how many nests do they have in a summer, anyway? The Northern Cardinal and Brown Thrasher youngsters are still very visible in the yard, but they're long past the point of pestering the adults for food.

I've continued with the "piggy bank" and some other light-hearted prosperity workings. The main thing with the piggy bank is simple -- I put any coins I find that have wandered out of the coin bucket into the piggy bank. Also, each day that I go out and go shopping, if I come back with any coins instead of spending them, those coins go into the piggy bank. My change purse holds a base metal four leaf clover charm and a small, perfect tumble-polished Bloodstone. So the coins have plenty of opportunity to build up "charge."

Now, not to put the claw of clutching on the magic or anything, but sometimes I truly do stand amazed. Wednesday was an interesting day. I noticed that the ING bonus hadn't posted, so I shot them an email, and the guy who answered posted my $50 immediately. I nudged Amex again, and they finally gave me enough points to qualify for a $250 gift card. (I'm holding off on ordering the gift card though, because I just learned that I may be able to parlay these points into air tickets worth twice as much. Will have to investigate.) The ING bonus I never doubted I would get. The Amex bonus, you just never know -- I got the offer code from frugaltravelguy and some folks got it, some folks didn't for whatever random reason best known to Amex. It was a deal where I would certainly get $50 worth of points but whether I would get the last $200 worth was anybody's guess. So it was a nice little bump.

The third thing that happened was the most interesting, because it was completely out of the blue, and not the result of any specific action on my part. My insurance agent called and said he'd done the annual review and that he was reducing our combined homeowner's/auto insurance by about $500 a year. Whoot! Thank you to all of my fine prosperity gems...keep it coming, guys.

If I could pick-up $800 every day, hey, you know what? By the end of the month, I'd have a flashy new car with an orange metal flake paint job with gold glitter in it. But, of course, most of the time it works more like it did last week. I find a bag of broken chain that I don't remember, pick through it slowly, and finally find the one tiny bit of genuine gold in there for a $21 check from the refinery. Oh well, spirit can't do all the work. I need to get off my duff and start chasing some dollars myself.

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