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rant of the week, don't read it

2014-11-19 - 10:09 a.m.

So it's 2014, and some people apparently still don't know that some rich powerful men who can get away with anything will take advantage of that fact to, you know, GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.

And it probably isn't a coincidence that those very same people pretend not to know why women don't file crime reports at the time when they're attacked. Hello. Did any of those people asking that question ever TRY to file a crime report? Because if they had, they'd already know the answer. The authorities have a million ways to make you go away to protect their profit centers.

Anyway in the 80s it was essentially the end of all of your hopes and dreams for any kind of a life to report a psycho man in any kind of position of power. Who doesn't know that? A three year old? People really disgust me sometimes.

Most predators aren't as thoughtful as Ian Watkins, who videotaped his crimes. And the police still laughed off his ex girlfriend's report for years...

As far as the bad guy of the week, he has lived his whole life and gotten away with it, and he should have been content with that. He didn't have to crawl back out into the public eye and demand everybody love him on Twitter.

A few weeks ago, in this, the supposedly advanced 21st century, our local news revealed how Louisiana police departments stop people from filing reports of rape. It's damned effective. Although it's illegal to charge victims for treatment and rape kits, etc. the hospitals somehow just by coincidence you understand would file the wrong paperwork and let a year go by and then bill the victim thousands of dollars. The reason for letting the year go by was apparently because after a year the state wouldn't pay the claim so the cost goes back to the patient. And we all know that state/insured claims pay a few hundred dollars for something you're billed thousands and thousands of dollars for, so the hospital has every motive to screw up. Ugh.

You only have to hear of one woman being financially destroyed or reduced to begging for donations to realize you're not going to any doctor or hospital after an attack. They say they're going to fix it but, you know, trust is earned.

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