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yellow-bellied sapsucker, redtail hawk, rhinestone owl

2010-11-14 - 10:11 a.m.

Nice day for yard birds -- I got a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker while I was in back lifting my weights, and later I got a low, slow fly-by of an adult Red-Tailed Hawk while I was checking the mail, as he inspected my front yard for possible yummy, tasty parrots, tee hee. He parked himself in a nearby pine.

Got my Satsuma Vodka decanted into fancy bottles. I mostly feel like people hate getting Christmas gifts, and it's a nuisance and an obligation, unless you're wealthy enough to exchange things like HDTVs or something, but I envy the lucky recipients of my Satsuma vodka. Yes, I had to do some tasting to make sure it was at the bottling stage. Tee hee again.

I have finally got around to posting my jewelry box pictures -- the owl box is the one I just got for my birthday. It's from Kingsport Designs. The Asian bluebirds or fancy thrushes at the idea. Now that I have two small jewel boxes, it seems like I should have three, but since I don't, I just added the bright 'n' shiny rhinestone hummingbird pin to the photo.

DH had to do a big job out of town when he first returned from vacation, but now we're easing back into the stone-cutting. He cut a particularly spectacular piece on Friday night that I'll have to figure out how to photograph. For now, enjoy this mystery rock I found in the rockpile. I think it's dinosaur bone but it could be petrified wood. I feel like I see some cell structure.

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