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cookie is a fine example of a snoozing parrot

2014-11-02 - 9:14 a.m.

Hey, if you chase down enough livestream rumors, sooner or later you find one that actually works. I saw the entire Arctic Monkeys livestream from Voodoo Fest. There was no way I was going to pay festival ticket prices plus the nightmare of City Park parking when there was only one act that represented young rock 'n' roll so I was happy their performance actually got streamed. The act streamed before them was god-awful, so everyone in chat sighed a sigh of relief when their stage got cut off in the middle to switch over to AM.

The boys seemed to feel a bit out of place, and the setlist was missing a few key pieces such as "Cornerstone" and "My Propeller." Also Matt was missing his hair. I might not have chosen to shave my scalp the day before a night that's barely above freezing but he probably thought he was headed off for the tropics...

Instead of screaming, "Ladies..." -- Alex can no longer scream after over a year of live touring -- he mumbled something about Nietzsche before playing "Dancefloor." I know he spent his formative years pouring drinks in a pub but somebody needs to tell this boy that there's such a thing as books published after 1950. Nietzsche and Nabokov don't fit the Elvis/James Dean pouty look anyways...

I guess it's obvious I spent most of Saturday getting caught up on my sleep -- napping, coloring my hair, gossiping about the setlist (some of the girls already knew what they would play although I'm not sure how), and then watching the stream. Very restful, I'm sure...

I just remembered that I dreamed something about Cookie last night. Now I can't remember what.

a few minutes later

Awwww. Cookie just ran over and picked out a lucky Green Moss Agate to play with. He's so cute.

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