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color balance

2015-02-10 - 8:57 a.m.

A couple of quick snaps from Tetteguche State Park in Minnesota. More later.

The ice and snow didn't seem to slow down this wood-chippin' Pileated Woodpecker any.

The camera whited it out somehow but this iceberg was really a pale teal in person...

In the News

If by some chance anybody is reading this, stop now before you get your feelings hurt, because I have a pretty grumpy take on recent news events.

Let's start with the Ye rant. Is he mentally ill or what's his deal? Beyoncé is an "artist" completely without merit who had the benefit of a stage father from an early age. Maybe she's an icon to rich women who also have powerful fathers to make sure the world gives them millions, I dunno. But she already gets too much attention as it is. Stop embarrassing yourself already. There is nothing feminist or liberal or even particularly nice about men trying to tell women who is a feminist icon. The entire music industry is pushing bullshit propaganda to women about how it's OK not to have a big ass and other such nonsense and you know what? Real women ain't got time to care about whether or not the music industry thinks it's liberating for us to wear leather shorts or have a big ass. We'd like to be liberated by having, you know, equal opportunity, instead of a "movement" for rich men by rich men who like feminism exactly as long as it allows them to launder money through their daughters without worrying about some son-in-law getting his hands on any.

As for poor Beck, the Grammy is the award you get when you're no longer relevant, and I'm sure he has plenty of mixed feelings as it is about getting older without getting shit on by Kanye. Sheesh.

Mini rant number 2: If I'm following too close in a huge SUV and I rear-end somebody and they get dead, then by law I'm at fault no matter what for following too close. Evidently it's different if you're a rich person following too close. To be honest, I think we do need to understand that sometimes an accident IS an accident and not a crime. But I don't think we should sit by and allow this understanding to happen for rich people when the middle class person in the same situation would see their life completely destroyed. Reverse the situation. If the little old lady rear-ended Jenner, at the very least her family would lose everything they'd ever worked for financially.

Mini rant #3. I thought I'd heard it all for tacky, until this morning when I learned that Bobby Brown decided to schedule turning off his daughter's life support on the anniversary of her mother Whitney Houston's death. Oh my God. Really? Let's keep the tubes in long enough to make a big ole publicity stunt???? Hospitals are allowed to go along with that? Jeez, I hope the royalties on the extra music sales you get are worth selling your soul, Mr. Brown. Assuming you have one, which seems pretty unlikely by this stage of the game.

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