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this and that since germany

2006-01-23 - 7:57 a.m.

A few random updates since my return from Germany:

  • Cookie bit me when I came back. He hasn't done that in years, since long before I started this diary. But, ever so often, he remembers that he does not allow his people to travel. He's also in heavy courtship with his new bell, which may have something to do with it.

  • The bird life is slowly, very slowly, starting to recover from the catastrophe. Still no Fish Crows, no White-Throated Sparrows or Juncos, no Cedar Waxwings, no Goldfinches, no hummingbirds. However, I saw my adult pair of adult Northern Cardinals for the first time Thursday, along with my first Mourning Dove and my first Tufted Titmouse. On Sunday, I saw the first and only Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Ruby-Crowned Kinglet of the year.

  • DH said that someone gave him a list of "depressing" songs and he had added "People Who Died" to his car rotation and had been listening to it every 90 minutes of driving while I was gone, so go figure. Mental telepathy over the miles.

  • We were fairly productive over the weekend, with DH sealing holes where mosquitoes are getting in, buying the rest of the parts for the new fence and nagging the fence guy, and smoking some barbecued ribs. I made copies of a lot of my CDs and did some preliminary work on the taxes and the IRAs. I touched up the paint in the front bathroom too.

  • We bought a ton of foofy cheeses, steaks, the ribs, and some pork chops for DH's new low carb diet. A lady on the Northshore FreeUse (the old freecycle before the falling-out) gave us 10 bags of high protein, low carb pasta. Life without bread is one thing. Life without pasta -- insanity.

  • I just sampled some of the English White Wesleydale with Cranberries. It's crazy good.

  • I find I don't much care if Ray Nagin quotes bad song lyrics from bad funk bands of the 1970s. But I do think it's a real failure of courage not to tell people in low-lying areas that they've got to wait until the new FEMA maps come out and they find out whether they're going to be required to raise their homes or if they're going to be in a levee protected area before they make a decision to pour a lot of money into renovating their homes. Let's see, lose everything, use the insurance to re-build at the same height in the same place (as some people from Lakeview are already doing), find out you can't buy insurance or legally re-sell the house, but hey, you find that out way after the elections, so what does Nagin care? He's tired of being yelled at, and who wouldn't be, but you shouldn't be telling people who may be mitigated and forced to move anyway to pour their limited resources into fixing up a house that may end up condemned. Courage, dude. The moratorium on building in low-lying areas is the right thing. But it won't happen, because courage is not what politicians do. And people will end up losing what's left of their financial future because of it.

  • Ronnie is still doggedly sitting herself spread out flat to incubate her eggs, and Courtney is still doggedly "guarding" the territory.


Went to the doctor today. My blood pressure is 114/70. I guess it will never be 90/60 again but I think it's pretty good for a lady of my advanced age. Oh, and I had a credit for my co-pay so I didn't have to pay anything. I don't know if it's Katrina-related or what, but I'll take it.

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