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troglodytes is always a funny word

2014-05-24 - 8:55 a.m.

On Friday I sold the inappropriate purple stripper shoes as well as another similar pair in brown. Six inch heels are just not gonna happen any more, so I might as well free up the space. The store I found in Mandeville does not accept true vintage or appear to have the budget for really high end stuff, so I guess it's still eBay or Craigslist if I decide to divest myself of the signed Miss Sixty boots or the old North Beach Leather dress.

I also traded in a rather large stack of books at the used book store. I got back two trade paperbacks and still have enough credits for more.

Any fleeting sense of triumph or accomplishment was instantly crushed when I learned that we are still being pursued for money that should have been paid some time ago by the insurance company. One is left feeling that it's pointless to try.

The fuckin' Guardian cracks me up. Here's a quote from their hilarious review of last night's AM concert at Finsbury Park:

"...a large proportion of the first night crowd appeared to be the kind of lager-throwing, knuckle-dragging troglodytes last seen en masse devoting themselves to religiously pursuing Oasis...

Turner remains a strange recipient of such lumpen adoration. A tangential, distracted figure, he seems oddly aloof from a following that he appears notably more intelligent than, which was not an accusation that you could ever throw at Liam Gallagher....

An unlikely frontman, Turner appears perpetually uncomfortable in his own skin, but this innate awkwardness fits his band's sense of constantly chafing against expectations and restrictions..."

Yeah, you read that right. This bitter reporter figures the fans are "less intelligent" than a boy who can't even figure out how to send a Tweet. Isn't that special.

Speaking of The Guardian, now that Putin has gone stone crazy, when are they going to admit they were wrong to hand Snowden over to the Russians? Probably the same day they apologize for calling the AM fans knuckle-dragging troglodytes.


There's a female House Sparrow on my feeder. I don't know that I've noticed one in my yard in this century. Two days ago a Starling came down. I don't know what's happening here...


I saw the male House Sparrow out on the front driveway with two of the Inca Doves when I went to get the mail. Uh oh...the neighborhood is changing.

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