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some tweeps should just go ahead and jump

2014-02-28 - 9:34 a.m.

For reasons best known to Amazon, to get my alleged free shipping -- really, to make the package get to my house $5 cheaper all in -- I had to get the CD as well as the MP3 download of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. I ordered some foo-foo bird food, a movie about Alex Shulgin, and so that's why. It was going to be $40 with or without the physical CD so why not.

Oh, and then it turned out to be free anyway, because of some Amazon credit card they decided to give me. In fact, my gift card balance on Amazon has increased.

Aeroplane has two pieces of art in it. I already gave away all of my old vinyl and music art stuff a long time ago but since 1) they are small and 2) they look like actual art instead of album art, then I have an idea where I can frame and put them up when I get a chance.

I also got a copy of Audubon that the Smithsonian coffee people gave me. Guess who's on the cover. *Cry* I have missed the biggest Snowy Owl event in my lifetime. Maybe in anyone's lifetime.

I still have a tiny balance left on my Skymiles credit card after the refund from my canceled Delta flights for that trip. I have receipts stating I'll soon have big credits back on my other credit card for the cancelled tour and also for a trip alarm watch I returned to the store. Whee.

In The News: Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in Japan.

In the Gutter Press: The good-looking celebrity, if he is a celebrity, got photographed with a trashy girl and put in the tabloids. He disappeared and reappeared in a distant country. But people still feel the need to put mean comments on his new photo. I don't understand mean people talking shit about somebody right in front of their face. Sorry, I'm from the south. If you don't like someone, go away and talk about them behind their back so you don't hurt their feelings. It can't be that hard.

And, yeah, I know what Liam Gallagher said about being brought up to talk about people in front of their face. Liam Gallagher and his lovely brother Noel are famous for being rude. Why take etiquette advice from a couple of dudes who act like they were raised by wolves?

Speaking of distant lands, I've got to pack.

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