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two snowbirds just stopped by

2004-02-13 - 8:44 a.m.

giraffes in kenya
� 2004 by Elaine Radford, all rights reserved

I'm not sure if all that many people click on banner ads any more, but in case someone is here looking for my Kenya diary, you can start right here. Don't forget my animal checklist or my bird list right here. There's also an FAQ right here. I'm hoping to get some more professional pictures from one of the other tour participants, but I haven't heard back from him yet. Stay tuned.

I'm pretty much back on my old routine now. I had a burst of energy yesterday and this morning, and cleared out 71 pounds of totally unnecessary useless crap, including an 8 pound printer that BF has been telling me to dump for months. So I'm now on track to keeping the New Year's Resolution to sell or dump 500 pounds of stuff.

When I got back from my trip, BF had repaired the rotten parts of the fence -- the part not destroyed by the oak tree so not covered by our homeowner's insurance -- and we still have old cedar boards all over the yard. We've been enjoying a fire almost every night that he's been home but we've still got a lot of wood to go. The yard pretty much looks like a disaster area -- fence debris, mud puddles from the constant rain, and weeds. I have to say I'm a tad overwhelmed but I did clear one gardening square and plant some lettuce in the rain Wednesday. I just hope it isn't too late in the year for lettuce. If we have a ridiculously hot spring, it will bolt; if we have a reasonable or cool spring, we'll have lettuce. Only time will tell.

All of my indoor herbs died while I was gone, although the ornamental plants thrived under BF's care and the Hibiscus had even put out a huge red flower. If not for the big bushy parsleys and a scroungy little lemon balm growing outside, I'd be out of fresh herbs at the moment. Well, I always have rosemary. That stuff is unkillable once it reaches a certain size.

J. gave me a seed feeder and a nestbox for Christmas. The seed feeder collapsed in the rain yesterday, and I switched back to the not-as-pretty-but-frankly-more-popular-with-the-birds suet feeder. The chickadees are already checking out the nestbox. I've had lots of Tufted Titmouse activity too. And I've still got Dark-Eyed Juncos in the yard. Funny thing. I never got any White-Throated Sparrows this year. I got the snowbirds instead. Some people do get both. It isn't unheard of. I'm just saying...

I got a Great Egret over the yard a few minutes ago. Seems I've noticed a lot of egret movement lately. Yesterday I got a Pine Warbler. Lots of Mockingbird sass and Cardinal activity, of course.

I have not seen one scrap of a feather of a hint of a hummingbird since my return from Kenya.

The jessamine plants are starting to bloom. I'm ready for some color.

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the day we bought our house. This poor old house has been through a lot in 13 years -- most of it in the last year, of course. Let's hope we can get through the next 13 without any more large-scale disasters. Even an absence of small-scale disasters would be appreciated.

just one branch of the huge oak tree that hit our house being craned away
© by Elaine Radford, all rights reserved
just one little branch of that huge oak tree that hit our house being removed last summer

Ronnie is still sitting tightly on her eggs. At least I think they're still eggs. She and Courtney won't let me see. I'll probably write an update to the Peachfront Conure Files next week.

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