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where some eagles fly

2015-11-17 - 7:31 a.m.

I'm playing catch-up so if you want to read previous adventures, including a post I left just minutes before, hit the back button at the end.

Nov. 9

Another slow day for the migration but we got good looks at the local birds. The Indian Black Eagle has a very odd display flight that includes closing his (or theirs, sometimes it's both of them displaying together) wings and falling (almost) to earth and then sweeping up again to the sky in a sort of undulating circular dance that takes it across the sky.

All of the Booted Eagles we have seen are dark morphs but many of them are the same dark morph who keeps flying over and over us to mess with the count.

The highlight of my day was a very fine flyover from Bonelli's Eagle who seemed close enough to touch.

I am learning the paths and the local common birds. It is a bit of luck that a local birder who has lived here since the 1980s is visiting at the same time because he can identify the forest birds by ear, giving me the opportunity to know what I'm looking for.

Cows are evidently sacred here. Once I got a talking parrot, I started saying, "Holy moly" and "holy cow" a lot so that poor Cookie wouldn't hear quite so many f-bombs. I never realized how often I said "holy cow" before... I hope the locals have a sense of irony. If they think I'm awful, at least they've repressed the urge to say so.

There is a cow who doesn't like seem to like me. Actually, there are two. One of them likes to stand in the path, knowing I can do eff-all to move her along. The other one doesn't like anybody who is interested in anything at any time other than her own comfort. Reminds me a bit of that useless woman in The Call of the Wild, although it has been decades since I've read it. Why does somebody who can't man up decide to venture into the wild? Note to the humorless: "Holy cow" and "man up" are well-known ironic phrases in my culture, and if you don't like it, you are invited to GTFO my page. Thank you!

On a more positive note, one great thing about the relatively slow migration is that I have much more time to wander the trails alone and soak up the local birds. I have had some truly special moments & not nearly enough time to record them. Stay tuned.

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