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2014-01-29 - 8:46 a.m.

We haz snow. I should get out there and take my own photos of the snow in my own yard but I'm a bit tired of life.

The power surge thingy evidently doesn't really protect much against power surges, and out of nowhere last night it suddenly went crazy/beeping and most of my equipment apparently got insta-zapped. Monitor, modem, I don't know what all -- it just seems to be gone.

To add to the fun, the person I'm supposedly sharing the phone contract with is also letting the phones get turned off until the end of the month for some reason that makes no sense to me, other than people get to a certain age and start acting funny. I was told that the phone bill money went to "gifts," which I'm going to have to assume means crack or something. Isn't that where missing money and valuables always go -- to some useless relative or friend who needs to go smoke crack?

I suppose I sound unsympathetic. Actually, I am unsympathetic. The phone bill got changed some time ago so that I could no longer pay it myself. Evidently I was supposed to just give money to the other person. However, I tested it by giving that person a gift card. He gave the gift card to...ta dah...the crackhead. So fuck it. I'm not giving my money to be spent on crack. I thought we had this argument settled a year ago but apparently not.

So anyway I've managed to find a free wireless for the moment but I don't know when I'll be fully up and running again.

As far as the phone, supposedly it's going to get paid and everything will be fine again but who knows. Time will tell.

Here's a picture of the Knight's tow truck on Hwy 190 which shows a bit of the snow. It's a little skimpy but it has shut down the entire town...

A flock of cardinals and goldfinches stopped by to nag me for food. I had to step carefully in the snow. It's the crackly kind. I cannot fall again. Oh, and here's another Twitter photo:

Well, the little jerk did cut off the phone anyway. I have no way to call for help or get out if something happens. Isn't that special.

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